Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finishing Thanksgiving on a sweet note

Guest post written by Alisha Fallon

It makes me so sad when people eat so much fo their main course and appetizer that they don't get too enjoy dessert. I'm always determined to not over eat so I can satisfy my sweet tooth at the end of the meal. Besides, who wants to see a good pie or cake go to waste and not be eaten? Definitely not me.
I've got my whole Thanksgiving meal planned out and now I'm just planning out what all I'm going to fix for our dessert table.

That means that I get to pore through a bunch of great dessert blogs with my GetClearWirelessInternet and drool over all the pictures before figuring out what I can actually fix and would taste even better than they look on the screen. I have a couple of front runners and can't wait to fix them.

I know that I'm going to fix at least two pies and have this great recipe for pie crust that I've been using for years now. I've seriously never found a better recipe or premade pie crust before.

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