Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sound Cradle - The app that your baby and you will love


Babies are those adorable and innocent miniature humans that we must care for until they are big enough and independent so they do not need their parents. Until that happens, we must meet all your needs and provide you with a safe home.
For many people, the arrival of a baby is an extraordinary event and their emotion cannot be compared to anything. New parents may feel very happy and nervous at the same time. However, it is necessary that they investigate and know many things in advance so that they can successfully carry out their new responsibilities as parents and avoid any problem.
One of the important things you should know is how many hours of sleep a baby needs per day, according to their age, since their sleep cycles are different from those of an adult. It is essential that you know that information, so you can keep track of it and know if your baby is getting enough sleep.
Sometimes babies have trouble sleeping; they wake up during the night crying so their parents have to wake up and try to make them sleep. Interrupting their moment of resting is unpleasant for both the parent and the baby. If this happens very often, it will most likely have consequences for them in the short and long term.
This can be stressful for the mom and dad of the newborn. All the people included need enough sleep to have the energy for the next day, so they will probably try anything to solve this problem immediately. Some methods may not work, but today we will tell you about one that will definitely help you a lot.

The Sound Cradle App
Sound Cradle is an innovative app that will help you say goodbye to all your baby's sleep problems. With its design and variety of sounds, it will capture your baby's attention, relaxing it and making him fall asleep in a matter of minutes.
Babies are very sensitive to sounds since they are in their mother's womb, plus they feel safe there. That is why, through these specially designed sounds to relax and soothe them, they will be able to sleep peacefully all night. In addition, these sounds try to mimic the one of blood flowing through the arteries and veins, which the baby hears inside the belly.

Some of Sound Cradle’s features:
Variety of sounds: the app gives you the possibility to choose from several sounds, the one that your baby likes the most. For example white and pink noise, hairdryer, water, rain, clock sounds and more.
Each sound has its own button, which allows you to mix them if you want to listen to several sounds at the same time and create something new for your baby.
Easy to use: the app is very simple, so you will not have to worry about if it is complicated when using it.
Beautiful design: the floral and colorful interface of the app makes it visually pleasing to use, which is a plus point.
You do not have to wait for your baby to fall asleep to close the app since you can set a timer for how long the sounds will continue to play.
Now that you know more about the Sound Cradle app, what are you waiting to download it? You will love it when you use it.

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    And all you have to do is "switch it on."

    That's how easy it can be to finally enjoy restful nights and see the surpring health benefits for your child.

    You'll be able to use it tonight

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