Saturday, May 11, 2019

Support my mom and Special Needs sister with their Young Living Business!

For anyone who has followed my site from the 'early stages' knows I have a sister who was born in 2002 with special needs. Long story short, she has a missing chromosome which is extremely rare which plays a part (if not the reason) for my sister's medical issues which include, but not limited to: memory loss, brain not maturing past a certain age point, and seizures. Now, when I say seizures, I don't mean sometimes. I don't mean 1-2 times per day. I mean averaging at least 200 per day, most you do not even know she is having. They are not the stereotypical 'shake around' seizures, but rather she will stare off blankly appearing to ignore you when, in fact, she is in a seizure state. To give you a bit more insight, she has a machine that was surgically placed inside of her to help reduce the seizures. This machine is meant to last roughly 10 years, give or take. In my sister's case, because she has so many seizures, she has been having to get the battery replaced every 2-3 years. Not even half the life it should have.  
This leads me on to the next point. My parents are both retired. My mom ultimately had to retire early to care for Amy. Once they realized Amy could no longer be in a traditional school setting my mom had to begin caring for her and find alternative educational means, which is where they are at now: doing a 'homebound' program. Basically, teachers come to your home rather than the child going to school. So both of my parents are on a fixed income and unfortunately do not qualify for government assistance, despite the extremely high medical bills. Absolutely does not make sense but that's for a different post on a different day as I could rant on and on about that. 
I'm giving a little back history because I wanted to explain why shopping with Young Living through my mom would make a difference. There are a TON of direct sales companies. I have my own. It's a competitive market. Some people need the income while some people are just trying to get some extra cash or want the discount. In my parent's case, they NEED the income. This isn't 'just a little extra cash', but something that will help offset some of the many medical expenses they have. 
My mom had gotten started in using Young Living because she's always been into essential oils and has tried quite a few of their products. She finds they are expensive but definitely help out a lot. I couldn't tell you everything, she would be better suited. However, I am happy to ask her any questions on your behalf for her to answer. So she didn't sign up to just make money, but to actually better her life from the products. Since using it and finding it beneficial, she has just set up her online link and is hoping she can get some funds coming in to help with the family. 
So while I know many of you don't care too much about direct sales and such, I want to simply put it out there that if you're into essential oils or Young Living, to please shop through my moms link here: 
If you are browsing through products, please make sure to add this ?sponsorid=13815400&enrollerid=13815400&type=member to the end of each URL so she gets the credit when you shop with her. 
I say that because while browsing I noticed that not all links have her name attached. So if you click an item a typical link would look like this: 
When you add my moms link, the same link would look like this:
I'm not a part of Young Living so I'm not 100% sure if it catches without adding that on or not so I wanted to make sure to mention it. 
Don't use essential oils, but know someone who does? I'd graciously appreciate you simply sharing this story to help spread the word. It would mean a lot. 

Friday, May 10, 2019

🐩🐶 Pampering Pet Party with Country Scents, Suds, & Naturals!



I want to invite all my pet mommies to a little online "Pet Party" so you can get the necessities to give your pet a very special pampering day!

You can make it a party using all or some of the recommended pet products that I am mentioning below. So grab some products and plan a party with your friends - you won't be disappointed! This is especially perfect if you're a consultant. Not a consultant? Sign up for all or some of the companies for FREE!

So what do I recommend for your Pet Pampering Day?

First, Puppy moms can bring their pups by for a bath and use the Country Suds dog shampoos.
Next, dry your pup up, and spray some Country Suds freshen up spray to make them smell good and fresh!
Tip: You can also use the Country Scents lemon tarts to help keep your home lemony fresh. Lemon is a natural odor eliminator, lavender is good to calm pups, and orange is good to keep bugs away! 
You can mix 3 drops of your Airomé essential oils (lemon, orange, or lavender- not all together- only use one) mix with water in a spray bottle, and use this to freshen up pet beds and furniture. You can use the orange spray to help with repelling mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas! Lavender is great to help with calming doggies like in a storm, or anything that would stress your dog out.
But that’s not all! We also have amazing CBD dog treats at Country Naturals that pets love, which has been known to have amazing benefits as well!  
Pet owners seek CBD oil to cure a broad spectrum of behavioral and medical problems. Also, their feedback shows that CBD can help in soothing pets during various situations like thunderstorm fears, depression, long-distance traveling, and social anxiety. Veterinarians explored the best uses of CBD oil in pets that are useful in treating strains or sprains, acute ailments, breaking bones, swelling, stiffness, and torn ligaments. Various researches have shown the same.  
Here is an immense list of various pet conditions that CBD oil helps in treating:
  • Allergies
  • Lack of appetite
  • Pain from arthritis or any other cause
  • Lack of energy
  • Issues related to anxiety
  • Recovery from any illness or surgery
  • Treatment for cancer
  • Seizures or muscle spasms
  • Gastrointestinal disorders including inflammatory bowel disease
  • Any phobias such as fear of loud noises, thunderstorms, or fireworks
  • Inability to relax or sit
  • Grumpiness with any other animal
  • Depression from the change in the environment
  • Deteriorating quality of life
  • Whining with no apparent cause
  • homeostasis
  • The habit of eating inappropriate objects
  • Glaucoma
  • Nausea caused by long car drives
  • Excessive Barking
  • Fatty tumors
  • Joint pain and mobility issues
  • Inflammation associated with any disease
  • Skin problems
NOTE: Always check with your pup's vet before using CBD Products. While CBD has claims of working well for others, results do vary and Country Naturals does not make any claims that it will work for you. We can only pass along testimonies based on personal experience and experience from others.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Best Days to Conceive- Baby Boy or Baby Girl

Baby Lying on Pink Bed
Having a baby is not just enough for some couples or families but the gender of the baby whether boy or girl is also very important. Over the years there have been many predictions or facts brought out by both scientists and spiritualists on some of the best days to conceive. Controlling your conceiving days is possible especially if you know what to do and how to do it at the right times. In this article, I am going to be giving you some tips on the right days to conceive a baby boy or baby girl.
For a baby girl, it is very important if you conceive right before ovulation. This is because girl sperms are hard but very slow which is why conceiving just a day or two before ovulation is better for them as compared to boys. Many couples do not believe these methods work but I believe there is no harm in trying if you are in dire need of a girl. The whole idea of conceiving boy sperms is by making the ovary very uncomfortable for the boy sperm and making it accessible for the girl sperm.
If you really mean business, you should not be let down by your first try because some couples try more than once or twice before it works out. It does not have to do with getting pregnant but has to do with the gender of the baby. Also, there are so many sexual positions that have been said to be the best to conceive baby girls. There are even calendars that have special days to conceive baby boys or girls and even twins on them. Due to the desperation of some people, many people have taken advantage of this to rid couples of their hard earned monies by giving them fake facts and advice that does not work.
Having girls are much more difficult than having boys especially due to the many things that need to be put in place. In some traditions having baby girls are a sign of wealth. Also, boy sperms are faster but weaker so they need to be conceived very close to the woman’s ovulation period. They are so fast so they cannot wait around for the egg for a long time. There are also special foods that are best to help conceive wither boys or girls. Conceiving during a specific time is important if you want to have a specific gender.
Never give up on the hope of conceiving the gender of your choice after a few tries. Visiting your doctor to help you after many failures are very important. Best days to conceive have become very popular with many videos, websites, and books being made to give couples or individuals the right grounds and basis to have the genders of their choice. In the long run, having a baby girl or boy to me does not matter but if it does to you I believe this article was of so much help.

Monday, February 4, 2019

How to Motivate Your Kids to Do Their Chores

Image result for families doing laundry

Are you struggling with getting your kids to do their chores around the house? Would you like them to help a little more than they already do?

Then this post is for you.
Believe it or not, kids in most ages benefit greatly from participating in chores around the house, as it makes them realize they are part of the life within the family. They will grow up feeling important, and they will learn how to be part of a community, no matter how big it is.

In this article you’ll get useful tips and tricks to motivate kids in most ages to do their chores, no matter if they’re big or small.

Little Kids Are Naturally Enthusiastic

From toddlers to preschoolers, this is the easiest age when it comes to motivation. Kids this age are naturally enthusiastic, and they love to pitch in and imitate their parents. They want to carry that one gallon of milk in their own little shopping cart while doing grocery shopping, but as a parent you should never belittle their efforts, but instead encourage them and praise them for helping with even the smallest tasks. This lays a great foundation, and kids are more likely to continue helping out as they grow older.

Elementary Schoolers Take a Bit of Patience

This is where it gets crucial. Kids between 6 and 9 years are still eager to help, and they want to take on more difficult chores around the house. They will usually love to participate in peeling potatoes, water the plants, carry groceries, etc., but they might take considerably longer to finish a small task, and they might not always be able to do it without one or more flaws along the way. But this is where you as a parent need to be very patient, and accept that their level of efficiency is not as high as yours. Over time they will get better and better at most tasks, so this is a great and very important step, when developing their skills.

Make Your Middle Schoolers Proactive

This is where you start feeling a noticeable difference from just doing what they are told, to being proactive and contributing on their own. It might take a bit of practice, but from this age they are perfectly able to learn how to contribute on their own, instead of waiting for you to put them to work.
Teach your middle schoolers to always look around, seek new tasks, and being proactive. It will serve them great later on, as it is a natural part of contributing to a community, a team or between a group of coworkers.

As an added help for kids this age, you should consider buying proper equipment so they can easily help you around the house. A great place to start is picking a vacuum cleaner they can handle on their own, which is most likely a small canister vacuum or ditto upright vacuum. For more information or inspiration, you can check out sites like or similar.

Teenagers Should Not Be Shielded from Chores

Some parents tend to “protect” their teenagers from what they consider difficult or laborious tasks, like assembling a piece of furniture or painting their own rooms. And that’s actually a shame, because when kids become teenagers, they are taking their first steps towards independence and self-reliance, and putting together a piece of furniture, painting their own rooms, or even mowing the lawn are important life skills, that should not be taken for granted. As young adults they need to figure out how to do things on their own, and while they are still teenagers, this is a great opportunity for you as a parent to letting them accomplish things on their own, well knowing that you are always there to help when needed.

The Benefits of Kids Doing Chores Around the House

Making your kids pitch in and do chores around the house is highly beneficial for the entire family, as you get more time together instead of creating an imbalanced relationship where some family members relax all day and get up late, while others work hard to do most of the chores on their own.

Doing the chores together as a family can also be considered quality time, as it gives you more time to communicate, talk about school, relationships, or the upcoming seasons. There’s most likely always something to talk about, and this is where you as a family will benefit from having everyone pitching in and doing their part.

Friday, January 4, 2019

VIPKid: "How to Make Money as a SAHM"

Child With Woman Holding Map

Plenty of times I’ve heard “Is this real? I thought it was a scam”, not even close! VIPKID is a fun and easy remote job that makes my traveling lifestyle possible! I make more than $3000 a month working 4-5 hours a day from any country in the world!

VIPKID is an online ESL company, based in China, that hires North American teachers to teach adorable students in China. They are quickly expanding into other Asian countries. Very quickly, hints why we have 60,000 teachers. VIPKID offers a variety of curriculums but majority of the classes are 25-minutes and one-on-one. We teach lessons based on Common Core through an online portal. The lesson materials are provided by VIPKID and the lessons are engaging and fun! Most of the students range from ages 5-12 but they can be younger and older.

Find out more here:

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