Friday, October 9, 2015

Spiritual Exercises for Women - Oct 16-18, 2015 in Lake Dallas - Openings!

We hope you are doing well!   We would like to let you know that we still have some openings available for the upcoming Spiritual Exercises preached by the Priests of Miles Christi.  

This retreat, for women and young women, will take place at Montserrat Retreat House in Lake Dallas, Texas. It begins on Friday, October 16, 2015 at 4:00 pm and ends Sunday, October 18, 2015 about 5:00 pm.

The Spiritual Exercises are a silent retreat based on the well-proven method of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  The Exercises have enriched many through spiritual benefits, fulfilled resolutions and holy aspirations, as well as a deeper knowledge of our Catholic faith. The highest quality of the Spiritual Exercises lies in the power they have to lead a man to the very summit of prayer and divine love.  This has been proven, through experience, by the changes in moral conduct that a single Ignatian retreat has affected in the lives of thousands of people throughout history.

God is able to do great things when we give Him time to work in our souls in silence and recollection!  We encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity to grow closer to our Lord!

To reserve your place for this retreat, please contact Christine Timmerman at 858-263-5113 or at For more dates, please visit our website,  We look forward to seeing you at the Spiritual Exercises, and encourage you to bring a friend or relative!

May Our Lord and His most Blessed Mother bless you and keep you in their Hearts.

What Would You Do? Tourists Rescue Injured Kitten in NYC Park

ASPCA RescueInjured Kitten Rescued by Tourists in NYC Park Recovers at ASPCA Animal Hospital

Two tourists spotted an injured kitten in a New York City park this summer. Thanks to their quick action, the kitten, now named Tuffie, recovered at the ASPCA Animal Hospital. Read her story today.
APCC AlertASPCA Happy Tails: A New World for Atlas

Atlas was rescued from horrific cruelty, but he never lost his sunny-sweet disposition. In fact, this resilient pooch will soon become a therapy dog! Don’t miss his inspiring Happy Tail.
Adopt MadisonASPCA Completes Expansion of Rehabilitation Center for Canine Cruelty Victims

We have completed a critical expansion project that will allow the ASPCA to shelter and provide behavioral rehabilitation for even more canine cruelty victims. Read all the details here.
Animal Planet ContestEnter Our My Rescue Dog Contest and Your Pup’s Photo Could Appear on Animal Planet!

We’ve teamed up with Tia Torres, star of Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls & Parolees, to promote special rescued dogs. Pledge to make pet adoption your first option and share your dog’s photo now!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

15 Most Common Things That Healthy Couples Fight About . . .

“But first, it’s important to understand that great relationships require great fights,” explains Marriage & Family Counselor, Judith Wright, Ed.D. “Conflict can be a couple’s secret weapon for coming closer, not a sign that they’re coming apart—especially when they know why they fight, how to fight right, and what to fight for.”

Author of the new book, “The Heart of the Fight” (New Harbinger, Feb. 2016), Judith adds, “Most relationship books teach conflict resolution rather than conflict completion, but in order to have higher levels of intimacy and trust, you’ve got to keep it real -- and sometimes that requires some verbal combat.”

INTERVIEW: Chicago-based Relationship Counselor, Judith Wright, has been called the “World’s Ultimate Expert” by Woman’s World Magazine, has appeared on Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show, in Marie Claire, Health, Shape and others. Dr. Wright holds a BA in psychology, an MA in education and counseling as well as a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Change. She can discuss:

The 15 Common Fights That Make Or Break Your Relationship. PLUS, The Rules of Engagement & How To Fight Fair.
Here are a few picks from the new book, “The Heart of the Fight: A Couples Guide to 15 Common Fights, What They Really Mean & How They Can Bring You Closer”:
  1. The Blame Game: Here the fight is over who's at fault—for a lousy vacation, a crummy restaurant choice, etc. There’s a big difference between scapegoating and figuring out why something went wrong. The former is a vindictive activity and getting caught in the Blame Game often results in endless loops of dissatisfaction with no real change.
  2. Toilet Seats & Other Domestic Disputes: Petty squabbles about chores, dishes, picking up the kids, making dinner, and doing the laundry usually end up minimizing each other’s domestic contributions. Unconscious power and control struggles often play out in squabbles over who does what, but these duty duels can actually be great opportunities for relationship growth.
  3. Dueling Over Dollars: Financial feud about making money, spending it, saving it, and using it the way you want are volatile topics for many couples. But money is only the surface subject of the argument. These fights often mask issues of self-worth, fear, or a sense of security. They can stem from a desire to be appreciated, or a hunger for social affirmation.
  4. The Hidden Middle Finger: You walk away, seething and resentful—now is time for the silent treatment. “That ought to show him” is the message you’re sending, but it rarely gets through. Nothing is resolved and the relationship never deepens. Some fights can be deadly quiet; you can say, “screw you,” without even saying a word. However, this passive-aggressive behavior erodes the relationship.
  5. Sexual Dissatisfaction: These arguments range from “You never are in the mood!” to “You’re always in the mood,” or “You’re just going through the motions,” or “You don’t find me attractive anymore.” These fights are about more than sexual intimacy and they can be mined for valuable information about how to have better intercourse in all ways, making the relationship—as well as the sex—better.
  6. If You Really Loved Me, You’d . . . If you really loved me, you’d quit smoking, come home sooner, know what to buy me for my birthday, stop watching so much TV, spend less time with your computer games, put down your phone during dinner, etc. Rather than getting sidetracked, the conversation should focus on understanding why you and your partner are playing the “if you really loved me” card.
  7. I Can’t Stand the Way You . . . All of a sudden you can’t stand the way your partner chews, walks, eats, or talks. Simple everyday habits bug you or even make your skin crawl. Things that were endearing in the past start grating on your nerves. Look beneath these “you bug me” type fights, and you’ll start to find a lot of unexpressed upsets that have been swept under the carpet—and now you’re tripping on it.
Other common fights include, “Family Feuds”, “Told-You-So’s”, “Deception Perceptions”, “You’re Just Like Your Mother/Father”, “You Love _____ More Than Me”, and more.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Keep fighting against a new puppy farm in the UK!

Stop the Beagle puppy animal testing breeding facility!

we've got 279,183 supporters, help us get to 280,000
I just signed a petition urging against the construction of a new dog breeding facility in the UK that would breed dogs like beagles for animal testing. The facility is owned by a US firm and would be Britain’s second facility for breeding beagles specifically to be cut open and experimented on while still alive. 

Unless we take action to stop it, a new puppy farm will open in the UK with the purpose of breeding Beagles for vivisection and drug test experiments.

Sign this petition to demand the government revoke its approval for this horrific facility.

According to the National Anti-Vivisection Society, dogs taking part in scientific experiments are made to inhale toxic substances through masks, force feed through tubes, and are strapped in harnesses while being injected with drugs.

The facility is owned by a US firm and would be Britain’s second facility for breeding beagles specifically to be cut open and experimented on while still alive. 

The other facility breeds 3,000 beagles for animal testing each year.

Dozens of celebrities have spoken out against this farm. Join Ricky Gervais, Queen guitarist Dr Brian May and Downton Abbey’s Peter Egan: sign this petition to demand the government stop the construction of a new dog breeding facility for cruel experiments.

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