Tuesday, August 25, 2015

You're Invited to the Paw-ty!

Greetings Tito's Tasters!
Wednesday is National Dog Day! We are Vodka for Dog People, so it’s one of our favorite days of the year (along with National Vodka Day on October 4th, of course).

Watch our video to learn more about how we became Vodka for Dog People through our partnership withEmancipet, as they strive to make spay, neuter, and preventive animal wellness affordable and accessible to everyone across the country. Check out our four legged friend merch here, and help us support Emancipet with your purchase!

We have a few National Dog Day celebrations happening around the country, but make sure to keep your eyes open for Vodka for Dog People parties in your area year round!

If you’re hosting your own National Dog Day party, or just sitting on your porch with your pooch, here’s a cocktail recipe that’s simple, thematic, and sure to get your tail wagging.

Tito’s Greyhound

  • 1.5oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka
  • 3oz fresh grapefruit juice
Fill a lowball or rocks glass with ice. Add Tito’s Handmade Vodka and top with fresh grapefruit juice. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit or a sprig of rosemary.

Want to make it a Salty Dog? Just salt the rim of your glass before mixing your drink! A little salt can actually reduce the bitter taste of grapefruit.


Do you have a pet named Tito? Does your dog love Tito’s Vodka for Dog People toys?
Send us your photos, and we’ll share ‘em!


Enjoy these last few dog days of summer and thank you, as always, for supporting Tito.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Certified Regression Therapist Leads Patients on Path to Mental and Physical Wellness

Expert regressionist and passionate speaker Ann C Barham looks to educate the world about this breakthrough therapy movement with the real life stories detailed in her new book.
Do you have a problem or personal setback where you can’t pinpoint its origin? Is there some intangible detail that’s stopping you from reaching your full potential? Past life regression therapy is the latest mainstream solution for answering these questions—and the specialty of author and speaker Ann C. Barham.
Since 1997, Ann C. Barham has been utilizing her expertise as a licensed marriage and family therapist with a specialty in past life regression therapy to help people from around the world receive spiritual guidance and direction, as well as address enduring intra- and interpersonal issues.  
With the upcoming release of her new book In Another Lifetime; How Past Life Recall Can Transform Your Life (working title), Barham is launching this branch of therapy into the public eye, giving patients a fresh alternative to traditional methods.
“Whether uncovering 'real' past-lives or not, this approach has helped many people resolve issues and get past stuck points that were resistant to other therapeutic approaches,” says Barham.
Past life regression therapy uses techniques such as hypnosis and deep relaxation to break through unconscious personal barriers in a safe and effective way. For many people,it uncovers experiences in what appear to be prior lifetimes that are blocking their current success, framing these experiences in ways that can be understood and worked through.
Barham’s book is a fascinating read that delves into how and why this technique appeals to people of varying belief systems looking to cope with depression, guilt, difficult relationships, physical impairments, and more. Sixteen years of stories are brought to life between these pages, detailing her passion for her clients and their journeys toward self-discovery and fulfillment.
Ann C. Barham is a Marriage & Family Therapist licensed in the State of California, and a Certified Regression Therapist with the International Board of Regression Therapy. While making a mid-life career change from business management to counseling, Barham was introduced to past life therapy in a Therapeutic Imagery course. While her experience was vivid and eye-opening, it was another six years before she would integrate it into her own practice, after training with then world-renown experts Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Roger Woolger. Now she is a strong proponent and spokeswoman for the method.
This September, Barham will be presenting a workshop at the International Association for Near Death Studies in San Antonio, TX  
For more information on her practice or to schedule an interview, please visit www.pastlives.org or contact Nicki@veteranpr.com.
About Veteran PR: 
Rooted in the belief that hard work coupled with honesty and integrity is the key to any success, Veteran PR strives to help companies build their brand awareness through strategic and effective Public Relations Campaigns and Social Media Marketing Efforts. Veteran PR launched in 2015 after military veteran, Staff Sergeant Jason Thomas, teamed up with his wife and seasoned PR professional, Nicki Thomas. Together their vision is to help small businesses, especially veteran owned businesses, build their brand awareness with a PR Company business owners can trust. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Apps to Make Mom’s Life a Little Easier

   ZocDoc - Book a Doctor Online!- screenshot

ZocDoc, a free, online doctor booking service, helps negate the stress of booking and makes it easy to find quality doctors (parents can even download the free ZocDoc app – iPhone & Android – and schedule 24 hours a day). Parents can become so consumed with caretaking for their children, that they neglect their own health (according to ZocDoc’s recent survey, 91% of parents delay or skip scheduling appointments with the doctor for themselves – see more stats from the survey below).

Additional Survey Stats:
·         Parents:
o   Once an appointment is scheduled, parents are nearly three times more likely than non-parents to cancel or reschedule their visit.
o   Yet they are quick to send friends and family members to the doctor –  more than half (53%) of parents would recommend a same-day appointment for a loved one feeling unwell, but only 30 percent would make the same effort for themselves.
·         Women:
o   Women are more likely to put off preventive care (82% vs. 78%).
o   If sick, nearly two-thirds of women (66%) would rather wait it out than make a doctor’s appointment right away, compared to just around half of men (52%) in the same situation.
o   Nearly half (46%) of women are more inclined to self-diagnose and self-treat than find a doctor who can see them in short order when feeling unwell, compared to 39% of men.
o   However, more men than women (80% vs. 75%) would cancel or reschedule doctor appointments because they are too busy or have work or family responsibilities.

About ZocDoc:
·         ZocDoc patients can book more than 1,800 different types of medical procedures across more than 50 specialties.
·         The typical ZocDoc user sees a doctor within 24 hours – 18X faster than the national average.
·         ZocDoc helps patients stay on top of important checkups with tailored reminders.
·         And those pesky waiting room forms? ZocDoc Check In lets patients fill them out online, just once, and keep them forever.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Teaching contractions!

Teaching contractions
Would you like to help your child avoid some of the most common errors in written English?
I’m talking about the misuse of contractions, especially when it comes to words like it’s vs. itsand you’re vs. your.
I’m sure you’ve seen these mistakes; maybe they’ve even made you cringe.
Giving your child a solid foundation in the way contractions are formed and what they actually mean—that is, which letters the apostrophe replaces—will go a long way toward helping him or her avoid these common mistakes in the future.
Join me on the blog to discover…
  • The easiest way I’ve found to teach contractions to children
  • Downloadable lesson plans on contractions from both All About Reading and All About Spelling
  • A printable list of contractions that you can use in your own lessons
Teaching contractions

Top 5 Insider Secrets to Help Students Get the Best Deals on Textbooks

College Board and Khan Academy

With the College Board estimating that students now spend about $1,200 a year on textbooks, back to school can be exceptionally expensive for college students and their parents. To ease the financial burden of school, Alex Neal, CEO of CampusBooks.com, the leading textbook price comparison site, has the following tips to help students and parents be sure they are saving the most on textbooks this school year.

·         Use CampusBooks.com’s Buy vs. Rent Tool: CampusBooks.com’s “Buy vs. Rent” tool includes a side-by-side analysis of the options available for each textbook, historic buyback prices and a purchasing questionnaire to help students make an informed decision and ultimately save them the most money. The tool uses a proprietary algorithm to recommend whether a book should be bought or rented based on the estimated value of the book in 6 months. Students should be aware of the options available to them so that they can confidently choose the option that fits their budget.
·         Confirm Textbook Materials with Professors: According to Campusbooks.com’s data, nearly one in four students prefer to purchase brand new textbooks. This financial burden can be lifted by asking the professor a few essential questions about course material, such as if an earlier edition (usually substantially cheaper and with few content differences) can be used and whether supplemental materials (CD,s DVDs, access codes, etc.) are required.
·         Take a Risk: If students decide purchasing the textbook is their best bet this fall, hold on to the book until next August to sell it back. CampusBooks.com’s data shows that books typically have a higher buyback rate in August since most students are buying and few students are selling books back to bookstores. Keep in mind that bookstores set prices based on supply and demand, so head in with books to sell at the beginning of the year when their supply is lowest.
·         Evaluate Yourself As a Student: Some students prefer to rent their textbooks and some prefer to purchase them. Although CampusBooks.com’s survey revealed that 50% of students rent their textbooks, variables such as the duration of the class can make renting an inefficient choice. With eBooks, students should take caution due to some eBooks having restrictions on the amount of pages they can print, devices they can download onto and access to the text after a term is over.
·         Explore Alternative Options: CampusBooks.com also features international editions and local library listings. Students can search for books by zip code and CampusBooks.com will show all local library results. Although you can't highlight a library book as you would a purchased book and the time you can take out the book is also limited, this is a good option for some students since it's free. International editions are the same book as the domestic edition, but they are often much cheaper since they are priced for their local market. American editions are typically the most expensive in the world. 
CampusBooks.com carries over 8 million new and used college textbooks in one convenient location. The online resource searches thousands of sellers and compares prices on new and used books, rentals and e-books for students. For more information, visit www.campusbooks.com.

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