Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Writing college entrance essays

Being in college can be a challenging time; especially if you are a parent and working on top of trying to get your education. You have to keep up with your responsibilities and your college professor sure doesn't want to hear any excuses about why your paper or project wasn't completed on time. Well this the help of Power Essays you can get the help you need to get your work done on time and at a quality level.
Power Essays is a professional essay writing service. While I don't recommend it as far as just a way to get out of work and being lazy, I do think it's a great service for those busy parents who work and have a family outside of their school life. Of course, the service is open to the lazy as well. This is a great service meant to help you achieve the quality work needed to pass those school essays. Not to mention it's a confidential service and they will never rat you out to anybody that you used them! 
So if you need a little help with your college essays, stop by Power Essays and check out the services they can offer to help you! Write a good essay today!

Monday, October 21, 2013

REVIEW: Bella Materna Plunge T-shirt Bralet

Some of you may or may not know that I am currently 7 months pregnant with my husband and I's son Jace. One thing I've learned from this pregnancy is that every pregnancy is different. My daughter I had a rather smooth and easy going pregnancy with no discomfort until about the last trimester. With my son, I've been having some sort of issue left and right. Nothing serious of course, just the normal pregnancy stuff, but intensified. For instance, I've had acid reflux pretty bad starting ar around just 5 or 7 weeks! My back is almost near constantly hurting. I often feel like passing out (I'm not anemic either). On top of that, I'm often feeling squished! No, nothing is squishing me literally, but clothes on or off I just feel like it's hard to breathe often and all that jazz. Like I said, typical pregnancy things, but nothing I had issues with when it came to Sophia. Well I teamed up with Bella Materna to give their Plunge T-shirt Bralet a try, which couldn't come at a better time since I feel like for the 3rd time my bras aren't fitting right!

About Bella Materna

Bella Materna is the premier source of quality apparel for pregnancy and breastfeeding. We create sophisticated styles and beautifully crafted designs to help you celebrate and support your body during this amazing phase of life.

Founded by Anne and Candace, they were seeking to use their talents as designers to serve other women. We met designing for Nordstrom, and started dreaming in 1999 about this company, hearing; 'there is no such thing as a pretty nursing bra'." Bella Materna was born to help all moms around the globe.

Launched in 2000, our Bella Materna collection includes maternity bras, camisoles, sleepwear, transition, workout and loungewear. All designs reflect the knowledge that women grow more beautiful during pregnancy and nursing, and what they wear should enhance, not hide, this loveliness. All moms know this time of life is amazing, but not without challenges. We exist to support you through these challenges and achieve your goals with strength and grace!

Using intrinsic elements of style, design, fit and comfort, Bella Materna has revolutionized the maternity/nursing bra proving that fashion and function can beautifully coexist. The line is designed with quality first. Always with easy access & versatility at the forefront our products are flattering during both the pregnancy and post pregnancy phases; and for your next baby too!

In 2008 we created 'Infinity Rings' because so many moms came back to us when finished nursing because our bras were the most comfortable they had found; made to last and they were pretty! So we turn many of our nursing bras into regular bras for moms. We have served moms for all of their babies; women say; "I love my Bella Materna it served me well in the last pregnancy, I am going to add more to my wardrobe". Or we will also hear; "the last pregnancy I suffered with low quality bras, not this time, I deserve quality that will last for this baby and any future pregnancies".

Bella Materna products are made from high quality, materials that are Oeko-Tex 100 certified to be free of toxins for moms and babies. 90% of all items are manufactured in the USA (Seattle WA) and are always produced under safe healthy conditions. We believe in what we make: 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

My Thoughts

You see, I knew the "girls" would be growing - it's inevitable and it's going to happen when you get pregnant among other things. So of course I bought me some new bras when the time came to need some. Then a couple months ago I bought some more because well I needed them again. And then NOW I'm seeing I could use some more. You have got to be kidding me! Once again, with my daughter buying just once was good enough - not this one! So as I said, the opportunity came at a perfect time to try out the Plunge T-Shirt Bralet!

Seriously sexy, versatile, adjustable, and comfortable, our T-Shirt Wire free bra pairs lifted shaping, alluring mesh and gold with all the functional features sophisticated new moms ask for.  This style works wonderfully both for your maternity & nursing bra.  Features include:
  • Easy S, M & L sizing with flexible cup fit
  • 3 extra set hook and eye closure at back for maternity ba
  • Moulded cups for smooth coverage and extra support
  • Convertible racer back hook option built in
  • Patented nursing clip access
  • Wide plush band at hem for comfort and support
Recommended care: Hand or Machine wash warm gentle cycle. Line dry for longevity.  Imported.
Size Range:
  • Small: 32C, 32D, 34B, 34C
  • Medium: 34D, 34E, 36C, 36D
  • Large: 36E, 38C, 38D, 38E

Price: $58.00      Style: 1699      

While this bra isn't the fanciest, it definitely did fit me much better and more comfortable than the other bras I have been wearing. What I like about this particular one is the fact that instead of just 3 hook settings, it comes with 6. If all the bras I had purchased came with this feature it would have saved me many shopping trips because that's where the problem comes in! As the size increase I need more hook room and this bra gives it to me so I can comfortably wear the bra. Also, it is a nursing bra and since I do plan to breastfeed I can comfortably wear this once Jace is born and still nurse him.

Overall I had a wonderful experience with Bella Materna and the bra I selected. I would highly recommend them and their products, especially for all my pregnant mama's going through a nice sized growth spurt as well!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Using Coupons and Shopping Codes

I do a LOT of online shopping to say the least. I like to get the most out of my money and save where I can. I will literally scour the internet to find coupon codes before finalizing a purchase to make sure I'm achieving the maximum savings possible on that purchase. You can call me crazy, but even if it saves me a dollar or fifty cents at that, I'm happy. You see, we're a household of 3 with our son on the way due January 3rd. I'm back to being a stay at home mom and my husband is the bread winner for our family, which I'm completely grateful for by the way. So it's important for our family to watch our spending and maximize our savings when possible.

I find that using online promo codes is an effective way to shop online and help us maintain that budget without compromising things we enjoy. What I mean by that is that I don't have to cut out my jewelry or clothes shopping out of our life because of one less income, I just have to be aware of HOW MUCH I'm spending - which is where the discount codes come in. The thing is, some sites don't always advertise they have a 50% off discount code. Some sites they have promotions for being a newsletter subscriber. As I said, sometimes these are common knowledge and made easy across the companies page. Other times you have to do a little research to discover these things from other uses finding out by accident.

The bottom line here is to spend wisely. Don't miss out on things you love, just find the discount for it! It's like having your cake and eating it too. Now if only we could use manufacturer coupons online as we do in stores then I'd really be set!

Monday, September 9, 2013

PeachSuite Hotel Supply

Do you own your own business? More particularly do you own a hotel or help run one? If so, then this blog post is something that may spark your interest. I discovered a Hotel Supply Online called PeachSuite Hotel Supply. This place is an online retailer who offers Atlanta Hotel Supply and Hotel Bar Supplies at competitive prices. They have a variety of items to choose from to help your business whether it's items you need or you're just looking revamp the place up a bit. You can browse their clean cut site and find products such as kitchen supplies, hotel supplies, furniture, office supplies, signs, equipment and so much more.

Upon visiting the PeachSuite web site I notice how neat and clean the layout is and how easily I can navigate myself around with no help. Everything is clearly labeled for your own convenience. Also, their products all have photos, a description and pricing so you can make an informed decision without having to be forced into contacting the company for "more information." One thing I truly dislike and turns me away from a company is when I have to contact them for simple information. To me that indicates more than I'm willing to pay price or that the product is pure junk and they need to talk me into it. Luckily no issues with that when it comes to PeachSuite.

In the end the decision is yours when you choose where you want to find your business and hotel supplies, but I would recommend looking into PeachSuite and what all they have to offer. I doubt you'll be disappointed! By the way, they allow anyone to shop with them, not just businesses!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Pure Costumes Store Review

Nestled in South El Monte, California, just on the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles, is the headquarters of the year-round Halloween costumes and accessories retailer, Having been in business for several years now, the online company has gained a reputation in the Halloween industry as having an excellent selection of costumes, wigs, masks and accessories for the entire family at affordable prices. Along with having a wide variety for all ages and every day low prices, has become a reliable source for consumers due to its fast shipping and excellent customer service.
Every year, Pure Costumes has made it a priority to offer the newest and most exciting costumes for the Halloween season. By keeping its hand on the pulse of the latest trends and pop culture sensations, the costumes retailer has been able to carry the most popular styles year to year. From guts and gore to sweet and charming,’s wide selection definitely covers the gamut. In addition, the website now offers plenty of Halloween costumes for adults and kids from the hottest Hollywood films and television shows. Pure Costumes is also known to do an early preview on each year’s newest lines and allows customers to pre-order their favorites in order to receive them in time for Halloween. This value-added service is just another way that Pure Costumes puts its customers first. By eliminating the stress of Halloween season shopping, customers are able to focus on other holiday planning and preparation.

Although Halloween is the highlight for Pure Costumes, the online retailer has expanded its business beyond the season by servicing year-round costume needs throughout the country. Through the company’s ability to stock popular costumes throughout the year, customers are able to find many items that are normally considered seasonal merchandise. With a wide selection including historical colonial costumes for school projects, medieval era outfits, costumes for theatrical plays, and much more, it’s no surprise that shoppers all over the nation turn to to find outfits for various events. Pure Costumes has also been a reliable resource for year-round costume demands in the local community. Not only does the website offer a will-call option for local online orders; the online retailer’s warehouse is also open to walk-in customers during the off-season to make shopping simple, quick and convenient.

Going forward, Pure Costumes will continue to expand its business by not only leading with its product selection and service, but also by providing the most comprehensive shopping experience. With a history of positive customer reviews and feedback, Pure Costumes is set to be a top online destination for costumes and accessories. To learn more about this company, visit

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