Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Say 'Yes' to Healthy Tricks and Treats with PlateJoy

Halloween Prep with PlateJoy
Say 'Yes' to Healthy Tricks and Treats with PlateJoy
October is such a fun month. It truly starts feeling like fall, spooky decorations come out, haunted houses go up, kids in cute costumes, and just all the Halloween fun in general.
However, with all the great things that come with Halloween, there's also the processed candy and temptation to indulge that sweet tooth with unhealthy sweets. Instead, say 'YES' to healthy tricks and treats this year with good habits and a balanced diet. Sugar can cause havoc on the body; causing fatigue, weight gain, and headaches. Too much sugar can also increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. That's why it's so important to make sure you keep an eye on your sugar intake. Not to say that you shouldn't treat yourself with low-sugar snacks to satisfy those cravings. It's all about balance.
While it's easy to cut out obvious sugar-packed treats and other foods, it' good to be aware of hidden sugars in other everyday foods. For a better idea, check out the infographic below about how hidden sugars can add up fast!
With all that said, if you need help creating these healthy eating habits and understanding better choices without breaking the bank and stress - PlateJoy can help! The ultimate meal subscription plan, PlateJoy offers flexibility and tailored meal plans for your lifestyle. With each plan you will receive recipes and grocery lists that give you more control over your custom plan. Also, PlateJoy cares about the environment and doesn't pack boxes with dry ice and plastic containers like other meal subscriptions. They go beyond the food and stay green with special features like their Digital Pantry to prevent food waste.
Try out PlateJoy and learn more about their plans like Clean Eating or Paleo. With their wide range of options, finding the right plan for you should be super easy. Speaking of easy, PlateJoy's partnership with InstaCart takes things to the next level.
InstaCart is a grocery delivery service that offers same-day delivery in over 200 cities. They have thousands of products you already love at stores you already shop at. No need to find time to go to the store and figuring out what you need, PlateJoy and InstaCart have everything covered for you. Plus, you get $20 OFF your first Instacart order + FREE delivery when you sign up with PlateJoy.
So, let PlateJoy help you start making easy and healthy habits and put your focus on your amazing Halloween costume this year instead!
Simply take their personalized quiz to start your FREE Trial and Get Started Today!
Want to learn more of that PlateJoy has to offer? Find out more at PlateJoy.com.

Monday, October 8, 2018

How A Child’s Breathing Problem Can Be Misdiagnosed As ADHD

They are two conditions that might seem to have nothing in common: mouth breathing and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Yet children who breathe through their mouths because of a dental issue may be easily misdiagnosed with ADHD, resulting in a lifetime of being given powerful drugs unnecessarily.

“Mouth breathing is often caused by an obstruction in the nasal airway,” says Dr. Ami Barakat, author of Perfecting Smiles, Changing Lives (www.villanovadental.com). “More than half of the people diagnosed with ADHD are mouth breathers.  That is too significant a statistic to be a coincidence.”

In the United States, anxiety disorders such as ADHD are the most common mental illness, affecting 40 million adults, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Meanwhile, ADHD is the most prevalent psychiatric disorder in children in Canada, according to the Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada. Conservative estimates suggest that 5 percent of Canadian children are affected, and the number of diagnoses has risen dramatically over the decades along with the number of children being medicated.

Mouth breathing can result in a lack of oxygen saturation in the brain, Barakat says. Mouth breathers are more likely to have cerebral hypoxia or a reduced supply of oxygen to the brain. Mouth breathing children get a low quality of sleep, which affects their mood, ability to focus, and behavior at school. Barakat says this can easily be confused for ADHD.
Other impacts on children who are mouth breathers include:
  • Snoring
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Nightmares
  • Bedwetting
  • School Issues (due to lack of sleep and possible low oxygen to the brain, they may appear lazy, have troubling focusing, etc.)

“Every diagnosed case of ADHD can’t be eradicated with solving mouth breathing issues,” Dr. Barakat says. “But the parents of children who are mouth breathers and have been diagnosed with ADHD should get a second opinion from a dentist or orthodontist before accepting the ADHD label that means their children will take powerful drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall for the rest of their lives.”

About Dr. Ami Barakat
Dr. Ami Barakat , author of Perfecting Smileas, Changing Lives, is a general dentist who has trained extensively in orthodontics.  He has received several prestigious awards in recognition of his talent, achievements and passion for dentistry.  He graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry with honors and served a one year residency at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

UPS Man Damages Mailbox and drives away!

I am finally at my wits end with UPS. on August 3rd, 2018 at 3:20pm Central time, A UPS driver delivering a package to my house HIT and damaged my mailbox! As you can see, the driver bumps the mailbox then gets out his truck, fixes the mirror, adjusts the mailbox and leaves without notice. We were home at the time. It doesn't look like much from our video since it's not the highest quality surveillance system, but when we went to get the actual mail the 'door' of the mailbox was broken off and just hanging on 'by a thread' so to speak. Also, the mailbox itself became very wobbly and unstable off the post. So he balanced it back in place! By the time we noticed the mailbox and such on August 3rd, the UPS center was closed for the day. We tried calling anyway, but of course no answer. So we attempted to contact UPS on August 4th, a Saturday and were told we would get a callback, which we did. We were told to email a copy of the video to him (the manager) and allow a week for them to 'investigate' and get back to us.

That week came and went with no callback and no follow up. We ended up filing a police report for a hit and run for documentation and from that point, I began contacting UPS on a regular basis through Facebook and Twitter and have been getting nothing but the runaround. I have been told on multiple occasions that they escalated my complaint and I would hear something back on X date (usually 1 or 2 days depending on the rep I spoke to). That day would come and low and behold, no call was ever made to follow up. It's been the same cycle or bull and lies with no results. The only follow up I get is when I press on through social media. Heck, they even blatantly lied on one of the messages saying that someone spoke to us - yet we never even received a call, let alone spoke to someone!

It is absolutely ridiculous that UPS is giving us such a hard time to replace property they damaged when we caught the act on video. All this for a $34 (plus tax) mailbox! We have been asking for this to get replaced since the incident happen and we're about to hit the 2-month mark of no results. I have messaged upon messages on Facebook and Twitter with all their false promises.  We just want our mailbox replaced so we can stop using the one they broke that we had to 'jimmy rig' to work properly. I'm guessing this is the normal standard because upon a little research I see UPS has a history of damaging peoples property and not fixing/replacing it. UPS even had the nerve to tell me to file a claim with my insurance company. Why would I file a claim with MY insurance when UPS was the cause of the damage?!

Here's our video evidence of the UPS driver hitting the mailbox and actually going over there and fixing the mailbox to balance on the post (no, the driver did not notify us of the damage, just hit it, tossed the package, and left - yes, the other camera caught the driver literally dropping the box on the ground, which was heavy, rather than placing it as my normal drivers would do): https://youtu.be/OXa72TTNBOA

See all the photo evidence of the damage and chat conversations with UPS in my blog post here: http://bit.ly/2Nq9GWl

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Sell Avon And Rake In The Cash

Many people are looking for ways to make extra money. For some people Avon is a fantastic way to do just that.
And right now, Avon is offering an incentive that will help your Fall get a LOT GREENER!
This incentive is effective Campaigns 20-24, 2018 – 09/05/18 thru 11/13/18
Avon is giving away $150,000 in cash! That’s right, when you sell this Fall, you have the chance to earn CASH GIVEAWAYS!
To get started to Sell Avon, just fill out a quick very easy application, purchase your starter kit and you’re in business within minutes! Ready to get started – Click here!

See the details below:


Prize Pool:

  • (4) $25,000 (1 per Region)
  • (2) $10,000
  • (2) $5,000
  • (10) $1,000
  • (10) $500
  • (10) $500 (2 awarded at the close of each Campaign)



There are two ways to earn entries into the cash drawings:
  • Early Entry Offer: Receive one early entry into the drawing for each pack of Campaign 19 brochures you order above and beyond your Campaign 18 brochures. Example: Order 4 packs of C-18 brochures and 10 packs of C-19 brochures, receive 6 entries.
  • Beat Your Sales Goal: Receive an entry for every $100 sales increase over the same campaign prior year from C-20 to C-24. Example: In C-21, 2017 you sold $250. In C-21, 2018 you sold $500. You have an extra $250 in sales so you would earn 2 entries in the campaign.
  • If you were not here last year, or did not have an order in the campaign, then we’ll assume your sales were $100. Your friends who join during the incentive also have a chance to win! Example: In C-21, 2017 you had no sales. In C-21, 2018 you sold $500. You would receive 4 entries.
To get started to Sell Avon, just fill out a quick very easy application, purchase your starter kit and you’re in business within minutes! Ready to get started – Click here!



There will be a bi-weekly drawing at the end of each campaign with winners selected from entries earned in that campaign. Example: All C-20 entries will be entered into one drawing where two winners will be chosen and receive $500. Bi-weekly drawings will occur on the Friday after the National close of each Campaign. Winners of bi-weekly drawing will be eligible for final drawing.
Drawing for the remaining prizes for entries earned C-19 to C-24 will occur on or around November 23, 2018. Limit one prize per Representative from the final drawing.
  • Cash prizes will be paid to you via cash, check, direct deposit, or prepaid card at Avon’s sole discretion by December 31, 2018.
To get started to Sell Avon, just fill out a quick very easy application, purchase your starter kit and you’re in business within minutes! Ready to get started – Click here!



Get off to a strong start by placing an order in both Campaign 20 and 21, AND when you meet your personalized sales goal you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive “My Why” Locket Necklace.
Your reason for joining Avon is called your “Why”. Our founder, David H. McConnell started this company over 100 years with the dream of giving women financial independence. He used the oak tree as a symbol of our growing success. Achieve this necklace and carry this symbol and your reason for being a part of Avon with you wherever you go.
Hurry!  This incentive is effective Campaigns 20-24, 2018 – 09/05/18 thru 11/13/18 – and then it will be gone.
There’s never been a better time to get started with Avon! Why not YOU. Why not TODAY!



You can start as low as $25, and your Starter Kit includes everything you need for your first month in business!
When you click here and join Avon, you will be on our award winning team. We will immediately send out a welcome package to you to help you get the best start. We provide valuable training and support to help you make the most of your new business, and we are here to help you all along the way.




You can order from the current Campaign and 2 Campaigns back. You will need the item number and the previous Campaign number to do this. Use the ‘Shop by Product Number’ option on the eStore. For more details, click here —> How To Shop For The Best Price On Avon Products.



Just Click Here, fill out a short application, choose your Starter Kit, and just like that you’ll be ready to go!

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Emotional Intelligence vs. Intelligence quotient

Help your child be successful in life

Modern science has branded IQ as an obsolete method of testing the intellectual caliber of children. Emotional intelligence accurately predicts the future of your child.
Rebecca, a seven-year-old student, noticed Brandon during a journey in school buss. Other kids were ignoring Brandon as he was a special child and seemed troublesome to the other children. Rebecca wanted to help Brandon, and she shared her toys with Brandon, as an attempt at making him feel better, and it worked says Rebecca’s mom. It is unusual for a child to have such emotional intelligence but it means the child is going to be successful in the future.
EQ is considered to be something more predictive than IQ. According to psychologists, IQ tests miss 80% of the factors related to child behavior and nature which are essential in determining the destiny of the child. EQ not only predicts about the successful future relationship but also explains factors such as academics, health, group work, leadership, career, and quality of life.

How to determine the EQ of a child?
IQ tests are based on skills such as comprehension, mathematics, and vocabulary. You can test IQ of your child online on various platforms such as testkidsiq.com. Unlikely EQ tests focus on emotional navigation, empathy, and intrinsic motivation. Some schools are paying more attention towards EQ and how it helps a child who is going through social issues.
EQ test score is marked like IQ test scores, and a score of 100 is considered average while a rating below 85 means there are going to be some challenges and a score above 115 is excellent! A child with good EQ can manage complicated social relations as he is emotionally more mature than his peers. As the child enters the teenage group, the criteria of EQ testing concentrates more towards feelings and thoughts associated with problem-solving, dealing with stress and pursuing goals. A child having higher EQ is good at managing multiple activities and relationships together successfully.

Is it possible to improve a child’s EQ?
Children learn from everything whether it is an experience, a movie, a cartoon program or a story you told them last night. According to researcher’s stories help children in structuring their reactions and response to situations. As the kid grows, he must be given social responsibilities to make him aware of social issues around him and how he must deal with others. Some schools organize events such as collecting clothing donations for charity, and it creates a sense of caring about others.

You can help your child improve his EQ!
At the age of 2-5 years, children express aggressive behavior such as biting or hitting as they can’t put their anger in words but if they are taught how to express their feelings with names, their emotions can be analyzed more clearly, and they can be helped better. It is recommended for parents to organize small activities such as naming feelings with children plays, it helps children in learning. It is a good practice to let your child experience situations and teach him how to respond to problems. Some parents try to keep their child confined which results in lower EQ building ultimately while for the kids who learn to get out of situations at an early age turn out to be more successful in future. You can find more suggestions at testkidsiq.com.

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