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What Age Should a Child Know How Do You Count Money?

Money has distinguished functions, such as the medium of exchange, store of value, or a unit of account. We access it in different ways and rates. Furthermore, we get to know how to count money at a different age, which sometimes tells a particular family's financial security. The concept of money counting does not come automatically. This means it should be instilled into kids by someone with a good understanding of money. A financially disciplined person will save, irrespective of the sources of funds. I know of a guy who keeps even from a negligible loan. Even from his transportation, like for example in Singapore, they have the best transportation system and he takes advantage of this. It's all about making an adjustment to our lifestyles. For more saving advice, check these posts on

However, such discipline is instilled from infancy. Therefore, as a parent, you have a responsibility to ensure your kids have a better understanding of money, especially counting. Remember that having enough skills to count money will protect them from being conned by people who take advantage of their ignorance. This paper highlights what is needed for your kids, especially at the right age, they should know how to count money.

Basic understanding 

At first, there is a need for your child to have a basic understanding of the money. For instance, children are introduced to cash when they join kindergartens or preschools. Parents give them money as an enticement to accept and adapt to school, staying away from their parents. At this time, the child gets to know the different sizes, values, names, and colours of coins. For instance, if you have been giving your child the same cash throughout, and one time you decide to change, the child will probably tell the difference.

Even though he might not realize the difference in value, he always buys and recognizes that the size is small as he goes to the snuck. In this case, the child will slowly understand that there are differences in values. However, at this stage, the child will count the money because they have not developed the skill to skip count. Furthermore, children at preschool and kindergarten have to learn that money is used to exchange goods and services. This is important to them because they will grow up with skills to handle money in every area and be financially responsible. 

Identifying coins and values

The next step the children should move after becoming familiar with money is to learn how to count money. This involves 2main things. For instance, they should be able to identify different types of coins and dollars and tell their values without any person's help. At this stage, they can probably be included in shopping because they are aware of how much the individual item costs. Unlike when they could not identify the value of money available, it was easy for people to scam them. However, this practice may take time as they may be confused by dimes and nickels and pennies. Therefore, it IS your responsibility as a parent to keep on challenging them. As they continue to associate themselves with money, it will be easier for them to understand both coins and dollars' good values.

For instance, even though dimes, pennies, and nickels are smaller in size, children may identify the equivalent groups of the coin. As you take your child through this process, increase the challenge as your kid continues to understand the easier amount first. However, it may be difficult for them to understand the right balance needed after shopping. Ideally, as they grow, continue moving around with them as you shop so that they would learn more from you.

Skip counting

This mathematical form is commonly used to improve kids' understanding of the numbers by counting them forward. Many people use this form to nature their kids and instil financial responsibility into them. Furthermore, it helps them to be careful when exchanging money with any good or service. However, it is essential to understand that children learn slower than an adult.

For instance, for a child to count money, they should be able to skip count by five, tens and in increments of 20 to 100. Make sure as they do so you are keenly watching, and in case of any era you should step in and correct. However, this practice may take them a full year or two depending on the sharpness of your child. Therefore, there is a need for you to understand the nature of your kids' understanding. This will help you have a humble time as you train them because you will know when and how to introduce a particular practice. Ideally, give your kids a group of coins, including nickel, dimes, and pennies, and teach them to count, starting with the currency of the highest value. Continue adding quarters into the mix once they have mastered the previous coins. 

Money counting strategies

The sky's the limit. Probably at this stage, your kid has mastered enough to help him count the pile of coins without difficulties. Once your child has learned the basic understanding of the currency, identifying them, skip counting, and counting on, teach them how to count a pile of coins as you assess their thinking towards it. However, the child may experience difficulties with a specific counting concept, which is normal. To help such a case, take the child to the previous concepts and give him opportunities before proceeding. You should use a real-life example to teach your child about money. This is important since it acts as a motivator for their learning.

Furthermore, you should understand that your kids cannot know at the same level and time. Therefore, you have to be observant so that no child should be left behind. To achieve this, you can give each a simple exam to do as you assess one by one.

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The Bottom Line

Everything we do in life has steps that need to be efficiently and honestly followed to prevent ourselves from mistakes made knowingly and unknowingly. Counting money is a genuine concept that every human being is associated with. Therefore, it is essential as our kids grow, they should be equipped with all ideas about money. As guardians, we should understand that everything needs patience. Therefore, do not rush into instilling all the money concepts into your child. Do it step-by-step. Ideally, the kids' understanding grows, most of them are capable of handling money by first or second grade.    

Thursday, October 15, 2020

eDrugSearch Launches New Website Focused On Cutting Prescription Drug Costs As Personal Drug Importation Executive Order Takes Effect

eDrugSearch may have a new website but they’ve been around since 2007. Since then, millions of Americans have turned to for help with prescription drug assistance – slashing the costs of prescription drugs up to 90 percent! They offer a free cost-comparison for prescription drug prices and are excited to offer better access with the launch of the site. Consumers have access to licensed online pharmacies and can take advantage of the new executive order signed into law by the US.


San Antonio, TX – With eDrugSearch’s new website launch, consumers in the United States will have better access to the cost-saving advantages on prescription drug purchases that eDrugSearch has been providing since 2007. The online website, which has been designed with the interest of consumers in mind, offers visitors a chance to compare prescription drug prices of Canadian pharmacies from the comfort of their homes or anywhere in the United States to save cost.

Announcing the launch of the website, the spokesperson for noted that there couldn’t be a better time to launch the company’s new website like now. The launch of the website comes on the heels of the latest executive order passed by the government, allowing for personal importation of prescription drugs from licensed Canadian pharmacies.

Cary Byrd, the president of, says “US drug prices have always been higher than any other country. When you add up how much all Americans spend on medication, you can then divide that cost by the number of citizens. This average shows that over $1,200 is spent on prescription drugs every year for each US citizen. Drugs for patients getting cancer treatment cost about $10,000 per month. Drug companies sometimes buy old drugs that no other businesses are selling. The company then raises the medication price because they’re the only place to buy the drug. The government recently approved four executive orders about personal drug importation. These orders give Americans a safe way to get medicines from international and Canadian pharmacies online.”

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With help from eDrugSearch and the newly signed executive orders, Americans will be able to enjoy a wide range of advantages including lower prices on prescription drugs imported from Canada, convenience as they can order online and have them delivered to their doorstep, and a privacy advantage as personal information is protected and preserved.

The eDrugSearch online platform offers users the ability to compare drug prices, allows them to take advantage of Free Rx Drug coupons, shows pharmacy ratings so that users are more aware before choosing to patronize Canadian pharmacies, offers a safety guarantee, is 100% free to use the website, and offers free consumer guides.

Visit the eDrugSearch online platform to get started on a cheaper and better way to get premium quality prescription drugs.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Veteran Launches Advanced Lifestyle Management App Called BE LUX

Bold Inc, a black veteran-owned tech company, is revolutionizing personal services with a new concierge app


ATLANTA, Georgia – (October 1, 2020) – The COVID pandemic has prompted people to change how they conduct their business and personal activities.  More than ever, people have come to rely on mobile applications to order groceries, make appointments, and otherwise meet a wide variety of their needs. 


With this in mind, Waldron McCritty, a black U.S. Navy and hospitality industry veteran, set out to revolutionize concierge services for those who want to enjoy their best-available lifestyle. He designed BE LUX, the new mobile app by Bold, Inc., to provide personal concierge service in today’s high tech world. The BE LUX lifestyle management platform will help people with everything from travel arrangements to lawn care. All they have to do is sign up for a membership, and everything will be handled by quality trained service professionals.


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“I come from three generations of hospitality and management services, and have made it my mission to introduce to this segment the power of today’s advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence,” explains Waldron, chief executive officer of BE LUX. “I have a passion for providing great services, and BE LUX is going to help streamline that process.”


The company and its service platform, is a concept that occurred to Waldron while he was helping his family develop their property and hospitality businesses. He envisioned a mobile app that would help solve some of the customer services and logistics problems that they had encountered regularly. After researching and testing various alternatives, BE LUX was born. 


Today the BE LUX app is available for download on Apple and Android devices.  Users may choose a membership level that includes a range of services that suit their personal concierge preferences. Membership levels include Basic, Premium, and Executive, with service options that span personal assistant, home services, lodging, party and events, travel, and delivery service needs. 


Members seeking Home Services, for example, will have all of their essential needs met without having to source the specific individual service providers to perform the work. Services such as yard work, repairs, cleaning, and laundry will integrate seamlessly.  Likewise, those who choose the Executive membership level will have all of their office assistant needs addressed. BE LUX will help people save time and money by running errands, having groceries and take-out delivered, or making travel plans.

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Five things to know about BE LUX include:

  1. The company that created Be Lux, Bold Inc. is a certified Black- and veteran-owned business. Waldron served eight years in the U.S. Navy.
  2. Waldron’s experience in the military prepared him for entrepreneurship. He served with the Elite Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Counter Narcotics Units as an Operations Specialist, and Coordinator.  After obtaining a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering, he gained 15 years of professional experience in management and mobile technology.
  3. The app is currently launching in Atlanta, but will soon be available in cities around the country. 
  4. Currently the services offered include restaurant and grocery delivery, package and alcohol delivery, and transportation services. Transportation services include on-demand, as well as chauffeur services. More services will follow shortly.
  5. The BE LUX platform and underlying services will focus on helping people with everything from simple chores to corporate office assistance. 

“Everyone wants more free time and less stress, despite all the daily tasks and chores to be done,” added Waldron. “BE LUX does all this and so much more. Constant attention to a list of to-dos around the home or office can consume a lot of time and energy. Users of BE LUX can while our trained service providers ensure that everything on their list gets properly handled in a timely and professional manner. BE LUX is the app for those who want to spend more time living their life to the fullest, rather than taking care of all the little tasks that need to be done.”


Download the app:


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Financial Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Your Home

Portable Solar Power

The future of solar power looks brighter than ever in the US, with solar PV projected to be the fastest-growing source of renewable energy from now to 2050. The demand for solar energy has risen dramatically over the last two decades. This is largely thanks to the growing public concern over climate change that has pushed the government to introduce incentives such as the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that requires state utilities to generate a significant proportion of their energy from renewable sources. While the main benefit of the widespread installation of solar will be slowing down climate change and promoting sustainability, people realized that solar energy makes a lot of financial sense as well. These are some financial benefits you can expect if you switch to solar energy in your home. 

Lower electricity bills 
The most obvious financial benefit of generating solar energy in your home is the significant savings it instantly has on the rising utility bills. Every kWh that you generate is energy that you won't have to buy from the utility company, which means that you can eliminate or at least reduce your energy bill. You might be wondering, what about the high installation cost? Well, while investing in solar panels for your home is much more expensive than getting connected to the grid, the payback period is less than 10 years, which means that the power you generate after that until the end of their 30-year lifespan will be free. If your panels are generating a surplus, you can actually end up making money by selling it to your local utility company.

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Improved home value 
Like any other home upgrades, installing solar power can lead to a significant boost in home value. Since solar panels decrease electricity bills, most home buyers are willing to pay a premium for a solar home. However, the size of the premium depends on factors like your local electricity rates and how much energy you're generating. On top of that, solar panels can expedite the home-selling process, especially if your target market is Millennials who have a preference for eco-friendly products and services. 

Tax benefits 
Solar panels come with tax incentives at the federal and state level. For example, the federal government currently offers homeowners a  tax credit of 26 percent allowing homeowners to save roughly a third of the initial investment. However, the federal tax break is not permanent and is expected to drop down to 22 percent at the end of 2020 and end at the end of 2021. Many states are also offering their own rebates on top of other inducements. For example, in Arizona, homeowners can get a flat $1,000 after installing solar panels. 

Boosts the macroeconomy 
By switching to solar, you can save your own money as well as help the government save billions. For example, studies have shown that producing and burning coal for energy can cost the economy up to $500 billion annually as a result of its impact on critical resources, damage to crops, and hospitalizations due to pollution impacts. By going solar, you'll reduce the amount of energy you get from coal plants and save the government some money. On top of that, you can contribute to new jobs and income-generating opportunities in your community. 

levitating photo frame

Although the initial installation costs are high, solar energy can help you save two types of green; the natural environment and your hard-earned money. The general savings on utility bills, tax deductions, and bump in home value make solar energy a worthy investment and the best alternative to traditional non-renewable energy.

Monday, September 14, 2020

People with ADHD: A Story of Triumph by Author Teontry Waller

Tragedy and Triumph penned by Mr. Teontry Waller, is a powerful and engaging read, a remarkable story that can make all the difference.

Tragedy and Triumph is about the life of a simple boy from Georgia named Teontry (Trey) who had unexpected twists of events in his life. His story will inspire a lot of people to win all the challenges in their life amidst tragedies and unpleasant things. This is to inspire people with ADHD and other mental health challenges to claim success in the end.

Born on September 14, 1989, from a young, single Mom and a father he knew nothing about except they were married for about 5 months then found out that Teontry’s Dad had a substance-abuse problem, that leads to separation.

Being raised by a single parent, this was a challenge for his mother because she was her only child and she worked hard to support her son. Thanks to her Grandmother, Uncle Aries Waller and his God-Dad Renard Williams, a retired Marta bus driver who painstakingly helped out in raising him.

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Teontry was subjected to abuse as a baby, a thing his Grandmother found out unexpectedly that he was given tempo drops to keep him to sleep, which made Trey a crack user even as a baby. Perhaps the reason he acquired a learning disability known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Like most ADHD individuals who have to go through tremendous pain over the years, bullied or labeled as messy and disgusting, writer Mr. Teontry Waller set out to prove anyone wrong. This book will give readers a comfortable space to understand ADHD as well as to embrace the differences.

Tragedy and Triumph is a realistic example of triumph over difficulty in a positive, humorous way that readers of all ages will enjoy! To see a silver lining, that there must be an advantage to having the condition, and he made it his goal to find it. To achieve healing without hurting, that ADHD wasn’t a bad thing to have. It was just a different thing to have, a different way to think, and a different way to approach life.

Teontry Waller born in Atlanta Georgia on May 9, 1990 at Grady memorial Hospital had very difficult times learning in Elementary School Middle School and High School really didn’t have any problems in College when I drop at Atlanta Technical College then reapply to College 2012 as Information Technology Major then complete in the winter of 2014 after loss my grandmother while I was still in college.   

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