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Get FREE Stuff from Thirty-One!

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Have you been seeing my posts about Thirty-One and sort of interested, but not sure? If you're not sure if you should join or not - HOST AN ONLINE PARTY FOR FREE!! I'll get you set up! If you sell at LEAST $200 in product, you get hostess exclusive gifts from credits to use on your purchase, to half off of products, to hostess exclusive items!! You do NOT have to be a consultant and it's 100% free for you to do! Regardless of whether you are a hostess, a consultant, or a party guest, you will soon discover that a Thirty-One Party is fun, exciting, and most of all, very rewarding.



Hosting a Thirty One Party is a great activity for many women, as they do not only get a chance to enjoy the company of family and friends but they also get access to exclusive Thirty One Party hostess discounts and rewards. The Thirty One Gifts party plan is open to anyone who wants to host a party. All you have to do is to Find a Thirty One consultant and book a date for your Thirty One party. I'd love to be your consultant and help you plan your FREEonline party!
A Thirty-One party will last two hours on average, depending on the number of people.  Your party consultant will help you out with the necessary preparations for the party so you don’t have to worry about having a difficult time. Just present an official guest list to your consultant a few days before your Thirty One party so that she can properly plan the details, make sure there are enough invitations and enough merchandise to accommodate guests who may be interested in purchasing Thirty-One products. On the day itself, you can sit back, enjoy yourself, and let your Thirty One party consultant handle the marketing aspect of the party. If your Thirty One party makes enough in sales, you will surely be a very happy hostess by the end of the party.
Host your very own Thirty-One party right at the comforts of your own home and have lots of fun with family and friends, try on purses, and browse through a number of customization options, which your consultant will carefully guide you through.
NOTE: If you do not wish to purchase any product, I highly recommend doing an ONLINE party. Otherwise, an in-home party requires you to purchase product and supplies to show off.



You get tons of rewards just for opening your home to the company by hosting a Thirty One party. From freebies to large discounts on your personal purchases, there are a lot of rewards in store for Thirty One party hostesses. For a minimum of $200 in Thirty One Party Sales, you get $25 worth of free Thirty-one products, one item for half the price off, and a chance to purchase one product exclusive to hostesses. Your free items and discounted Thirty-One products significantly increases, the higher your Thirty One party sales. For $500 to $999 of Thirty One Party sales, you get $90 to $150 worth of products for free, two discounted products, and a chance to purchase two hostess products. Thirty-One Party sales of $1000 and above will get you free products ranging from $200 to $250 worth, 2 products with a 50% discount, and two hostess-exclusive Thirty-One Products.
Best of all, Thirty One party sales of $1200 and above will get you $250 worth of free products, three products at half the price, and 3 exclusive hostess products for free. You can avail of all these just by hosting a Thirty One purse partyfor your family and friends, giving you all the more reason to encourage them to purchase great products from Thirty-One Gifts.



A Thirty One purse party is not just fun and rewarding but it is also very flexible. If you don’t have the time to host a party at home, then you can also choose to host a Thirty One catalog party. Pass on Thirty One catalogs to your friends and family and get all of the aforementioned rewards for eligible party sales. You can also choose the Thirty One Party on-the-go option so you can take a Thirty One party with you wherever you go; be it in the office, in your own community, or even in exclusive clubs, you can certainly host a Thirty One Party anywhere.
If you want more convenience when hosting a party, then why not host an online party for family, friends, and colleagues instead? You can fully utilize the advantages that technology and the Internet have to offer by hosting a party online. With an online party, you get the benefits of a Thirty One party hostess without having to leave your home for it.
A Thirty-One party is not only a venue for consultants to earn profit but it is also a venue for Thirty-One party hostesses to catch up with family and friends while enjoying the wide-range of benefits that a Thirty-One party hostess is entitled to. Have access to exclusive Thirty-One bags and share the joy with people who are close to you!
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Become an Avon Sales Consultant - Work from home!

If you have a passion for cosmetics and sales, then becoming an Avon representative might be for you. Avon offers an incredible opportunity for men and women to build their own business for a small investment! When you sign up to sell Avon, you can make money 3 different ways:
1) selling face-to-face
2) Selling Avon Online
3) through leadership (building your own Avon team whether it’s face-to-face or online).
I suggest to my team to take advantage of all three areas of the earnings opportunity. Each has its own advantages and in my opinion, you will make the most money as an Avon Representative when you focus on building all three areas of your business. When you Become an Avon Representative Online, you can enjoy so many great benefits like: flexible hours, being your own boss, unlimited income, and multiple income streams.
When you are an Avon Representative, you can enjoy so many great benefits! Here are some reasons I love Avon: 
  • Flexible Hours – As a full-time mom and business owner, I love having the flexibility to work my business around my family.
  • Being my own Boss – As my own boss, I get to decide which days I work and which days I don’t. I have no set vacation or sick days and can work my business at my convenience.
  • Unlimited Income  – The Avon opportunity is wonderful! Not only do I love selling the products because I believe in them and the company, but when you put in the time and the hard work…you can make great money as an Avon Representative.
  • Multiple Income Streams – I have built a big portion of my Avon business through Selling Avon Products Online and recruiting new team members online. Therefore, I am maximizing how much money I make with Avon by 1) selling traditionally, 2) selling online, and 3) building a team. I take home profit from the products I sell traditionally, I get credits on my account from my online sales, and I earn a leadership paycheck every 2 weeks.
Avon has made it even easier to Sign up to Sell Avon Online Now. In addition to your initial investment to sell Avon, you will be responsible for buying your own Avon brochures (packs of 10 start at $6.49) and sales tools. You will also be charged a fee called One Simple Fee each campaign. This fee starts at $6 but can be recovered when you collect a 0.75 cent order fee from each customer that places an order with you. Your One Simple Fee covers your shipping & handling and your own personal Avon website!


In just a few simple steps, you can Become an Avon Representative Online. To become a representative or obtain more information about becoming one, first complete an application online. Once you have been appointed, you will have access to brochures, samples, and sales and training tools. Then, begin selling Avon products by setting up your online store, handing out brochures, and by hosting an Avon “get together.”
Once you sign up, you will need to register on the Representative website online. This is where you will be able to place your first order. Once you are registered you will also receive brochures for your first two campaigns (20), samples, and sales tools. The sales tools include an appointment pack, a calling book, customer order slips, and your own online store.
  • You will have access to training tools such as guides and tutorials, as well.
  • You will not be charged the application fee until you complete your first order.


 With Avon’s new Kickstart program, you can earn over $1,000 in your first 90 days as an Avon Rep. After your first 90 days, you will earn 20 – 50% earnings on all full earnings items and 20% commission on fixed earnings items (products in the with four diamonds in front of the description).
When you sell Avon Online, you earn 20 – 50% commission. Your online sales are combined with your traditional (face-to-face) sales to determine your earnings level for the campaign.

Tips For Success with Avon:

Set-up your online store. Representatives are given their own online store called “My Avon Store.” You can set up your online store in a few easy steps by following the instructions online. Online stores are great because they allow your customers to shop from you online.
  • Create business cards that contain your information, including your website, when you are marketing your business.
  • You can also choose to opt in to Avon's mobile phone app, Avon Brochure. This app connects you to new customers who are looking for a representative in your area.
Hand out brochures. Every three weeks Avon produces a new brochure. The brochures are filled with deals, promotions, and new products. Therefore, they are a great way to market your business.
  • Carry brochures with you at all times so you can hand them out to your friends, family members, and customers (old and new).
Host an Avon get together Another great way to market your business is to host an Avon "get together" at your house. You will be given brochures, samples, and information on new products to pass out to your guests. Invite friends, family members, and existing customers.
  • To create new customers and contacts, ask your guests to bring along one new person to the event.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Join Thirty-One for only $1! {Ends February 28th}

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Until February 28th you can join Thirty-One for only $1!!!
Yes, you read that right, one dollar!!!! Work when you want, how you want - and have fun doing it! You CAN have it all when you're a Thirty-One Consultant. Join with the Kit-Free enrollment for just $1 OR you can pay $99 to get the kit which includes a variety of bags and products (about a $400 some odd value)! Can't afford the $99 option? Join for $1 now and buy the kit later when your budget allows!
If you want to know more let me know!! Or check out the website for all the details!!!

Leading European Antique Fair in Peterborough is Back and Bigger Than Ever Before

The leading bi-annual European antique fair, the Festival of Antiques, is back and bigger than ever before. Renowned all over the world for its spectacular collection of antiques, collectables and fine art, the Festival of Antiques has expanded considerably since it was first launched in 1999, and this year’s festival is set to be the biggest yet.

This Easter, the 2-day event is back in Peterborough with over 2,000 stalls featuring everything from furniture to fine art, jewellery to ceramics and collectable stamps to quirky vintage toys. Spread across five indoor areas within four permanent buildings, as well as a growing number of trade marquees and acres of outdoor pitches, this huge event is the ultimate day out for antique collectors, home improvers and a full day of browsing collectables and preloved items.

The Festival of Antiques has grown from strength-to-strength over its 19-year history, and this doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon. The festival has a lengthy contract in place with the East of England Showground, so exhibitors and visitors can expect to experience many more festivals there for years to come.

Antique-enthusiasts from all over the world continue to flock to the event for the chance to hunt down rare antiquities, colourful curiosities and valuable vintage finds. It is no surprise that the Festival of Antiques continues to grow in popularity, as countless testimonies from previous stallholders and visitors express what a wonderful event it is.

Simon Evans, Director of Peterborough Festival of Antiques, said: “We are delighted to be back for another year of the Festival of Antiques, and are overwhelmed with the ever increasing interest in the event, and in turn, the growth that has come with that. We’re proud to say we have more visitors from all over the world who continue to support the Festival of Antiques and with more exhibitors on board than ever before, there are sure to be countless incredible antiques and curiosities to be found at the event. It’s an absolute must-visit for collectors and antique-enthusiasts!”   

The Easter Festival of Antiques will be held at the East of England Showground in Peterborough on Easter Bank Holiday Friday 30th and Easter Saturday 31st March. Tickets to the event range from £5-£15 depending on the date and time of visiting.

To find out more visit

Established in 1999, the twice-yearly Peterborough Festival of Antiques is one of the UK’s premier antique events. The festival is held at the East of England Showground, just off the A1 at PE2 6XE, and draws in over 2,000 stallholders and thousands of visitors to each event.

Monday, February 12, 2018

How to Avoid Being Ripped Off by Hackers in 2018

A new study released Tuesday by Javelin Strategy & Research found that a record $16.7 billion was stolen from U.S. consumers as a result of identity theft in 2017.  With an increasing number of our transactions happening digitally, that number is expected to increase in 2018 and beyond.

For hackers, the start of a new year is the most wonderful time — which means for the rest of us, it’s one of the riskiest.

Millions of Internet users engage in risky online behavior year-round without even realizing it. But this increases tenfold early in the year — something that shrewd hackers take advantage of to get their hands on your personal information, rip you off, and potentially destroy your credit in the process.

At Lexington Law, we help identity theft victims repair their credit, and have compiled a list of dos and don’ts to help consumers avoid being hacked and ripped off in 2018.

Don’t: Fall for black hat websites.
In other words, be wary of shopping on unfamiliar sites, even (or especially) if they are boasting incredible bargains and discounts. Fake websites are simple to create, and hackers use them to acquire your personal data and credit card information, or even infiltrate your computer with spyware.

Do: Stick to shopping on sites you are familiar with. Look for sites that start with HTTPS; the S indicates that the site is secure. Installing a script-blocking plug-in will also go a long way to protect your privacy. And when you do decide to make purchases online, use your credit card or a service like PayPal rather than debit (and never wire money); your credit card offers a bit more fraud security.

Don’t: Trust your social media.
Your friends are not the only people who can see what you post on social media. Hackers may be lurking and can take advantage of this information in a lot of ways.
First, if you constantly post your whereabouts, using “check-in” features, and sharing travel or event plans, you are basically advertising an empty home, which opens you up to burglary.

Secondly, hackers can use your social media preferences and data to create highly detailed phishing schemes, designed specifically to attract you — and defraud you. According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, 100,000 new phishing attacks get reported every month.  It is important to monitor for the latest scams being reported by news outlets.

Finally, beware of clicking on links shared by your friends that advertise too-good-to-be-true promotions and giveaways. Your friends could have been hacked unknowingly, and hackers know you are more likely to click on something if you think it came from a trusted source.

Do: Go private. If you haven’t updated your social media pages to the most secure settings, you would be wise to do so. But regardless, be wary about posting revealing information about yourself, particularly your whereabouts.

Don’t: Bank from a shared device.
If everyone in your family uses a single device to browse, shop, download music and movies, and check email, then your computer can hardly be considered a safe space. Any one of these activities, conducted by any of your family members, can introduce malware to your computer.

A particularly nefarious type of malware is the banking Trojan. Banking Trojans, once they are on your computer, can steal your bank login information, intercept transactions, and drain your accounts — even if your bank’s website is secure. What makes it particularly dangerous is that antivirus software cannot detect it — which means you need to stay vigilant.

Do: Use best online banking practices, like having a strong password and two-factor authentication. Only use your private device for online banking and stick to your own secure network as well.
crystal-allen.jpgHackers often come up with new, clever ways to infiltrate your online presence, steal your data, and potentially compromise your credit in the process. To avoid being hacked in 2018, follow the dos and don’ts listed above and continue to remain vigilant against this ongoing and evolving threat.  

About Crystal Allen, Associate Attorney, Lexington Law
Crystal was born and raised in Mississippi. She graduated cum laude from Jackson State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Languages. In 2011, Crystal moved to Phoenix, Arizona to attend Arizona Summit Law School. While earning her degree, she worked at Lewis Roca Rothgerber in Human Resources and as a Litigation Practice Assistant. She graduated cum laude and is admitted to practice in Arizona. Her legal experience includes construction, commercial real estate, business, contract and family law. Crystal is currently an associate attorney in Lexington’s Phoenix office.

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