Monday, October 29, 2018

Parenting the focus of Film Mode Entertainment’s “Monster” movie

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Another amazing family film coming your way for November – and this one is further proof that you should never judge a book – or in this case, film art – by its cover!

Paulina Lagudi’s “Mail Order Monster”, due November 6 on iTunes, is wrapped in the shell of a fun and wacky family comedy about a little girl’s unlikely friendship with a robot but within it? Much much more. There’s some lovely, really deep themes of acceptance and the terrifying thought of ‘change’ here that will really hit home with many – particularly those moms who’ve recently found themselves to be new stepmothers.

Check the film out – starring everyone’s favorite Sunnydale high student Charisma Carpenter – on iTunes and other platforms from November 6.

Friday, October 26, 2018


Great for kids, moms! 

Spielbergian fantasy film My Pet Dinosaur, from Emmy winner Matt Drummond, is now on Demand from Uncork'd Entertainment and it’s a winner with the kids! 

A cross between E.T and Monster’s Inc, its about an unlikely friendship between a boy and a dinosaur. It was made in Australia and features state of the art effects, some really good young actors and a very cute story -with lots of life lessons.

My Pet Dinosaur is now on Digital ‪but it will be on DVD ‪11/6‬ from Uncork'd Entertainment.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

FREE To Join Direct Selling Opportunities - Work from home!

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Direct sales is definitely not for everyone. Doing well requires lots of hard work, dedication, and it also goes without saying that results will vary. However, I do personally know several people who are doing well with direct sales. I also realize that there are many people who would like to try their hand in direct selling but may be a little afraid to take the risk because there is a fee for the starter kit of items needed to get going.
Fortunately, not all direct sales companies are created equally. There are many that are actually free — or at least very cheap — to get started with. If you would like to see how well you could do at direct selling, these are companies you can try out with minimal financial risk.


Alotta Pajs Boutique

Alotta Pajs was created by a lady who loves to shop for very low prices.  The Alotta Pajs website launched in September of 2017.  Our mission is to provide our customers with amazing products from suppliers all over the world to get the best possible deals they can.  The mission of our founder is for customers to get more bang for their buck.  Our founder wanted to help people to receive products at a low price.  In able to do this, she found a way for you to get products shipped directly to you through worldwide distributors.  In order to complete this mission, you will have to wait longer for your items to arrive because they may be delivered from international suppliers.  Our shipping times are usually 12-20 business days from when the order has shipped, however the quality and low prices will be worth the wait.  We are a worldwide online shopping destination.

Candle Diva

We have acquired a soy blend wax that introduces an amazing scent throw while burning cleaner than paraffin wax. All of our soy candles are made with natural cotton wicks. We try to scent our candles with essential oils whenever possible however, we also use fragrance oils in some of our products to create more scent choices for you to enjoy. No Harsh Chemicals are added to any of our products. We do hand pour some of our products in-house and some of our products are responsibly sourced out from right here in the USA. Pamper yourself today and enjoy our products as much as we do! All payouts will be done through PayPal every Friday when you reach $5 in commissions.

Country Naturals

As a Country Naturals Consultant. You receive a 25% discount on all you Country Naturals Orders. If you make sales over $1000 from your Country Naturals store per month, you will get a 5% bonus for that month!


Country Scents Candles

The owners of this company from Kentucky have been in the candle making business for years. A few months ago, they got into the direct selling industry. Their candles are FDA approved soy, kosher certified and their wicks are all 100% cotton. It is free sign-up (US only) and no other fees.

Country Suds

Country Suds is owned by power couple Naomi & David Myers and located in Shepherdsville KY. We offer Earth-friendly, cruelty-free products made with only the best ingredients. We have been in business for years making 100% soy candles with our sister company and are excited to add this new line of quality bath and beauty products.  We are certified KY proud and we only use only the highest quality ingredients here at Country Suds. We believe in offering the best ingredients to our customers at an affordable price.

CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome)

Based in California, it is a company that uses medicinal CBD (Cannabidiol) Hemp in their health products. They have products for Health, Anti-Aging, Nutrition and Pets. Follow this link to learn more about the company and their products.

Diva Kitten

Where we have the "key" to your innermost fantasies. Indulge yourself with one of our erotic scent blends or slide into something a little more sexy. Commissions are 25% for any sale you make. Downline commission will be as followed: 1st Tier (person directly under you): 5% commission or 2nd Tier (person under them): %2 commission.

Fun With Dips

At Fun with Dips. All our products are RealSimple and GoodWe offer a wide variety of Savory Dips, Delicious Dessert Mixes, as well as Soup Mixes, Chili Mixes, Drink Mixes and now we also offer Seasonings. Our Dips and Mixes are simple to prepare, delicious and contain the finest ingredients and ultimate taste.  Our Savory Dips and our Dessert Dips are all Natural with No preservatives, no MSG's and most are Gluten Free. We also offer a great selection for our Vegetarian and Vegan friends. There's no charge to join our affiliate program. This may change in the future, so join now! We pay our affiliates weekly, Usually on Monday or Tuesday. There is a minimum payout of $5 in commission, if you don't have enough for payout then it will roll over to the next week. Earn 25% commission of your Personal Sales and upto 7% on your downline.


Known for the THRIVE Experience. It is a lifestyle company that offers health and wellness products for men and women. Currently operates in the US, Mexico Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UK. Click here to learn more.


We are looking for motivated, goal-oriented individuals with strong interpersonal and communication skills. Experience is not required. This is a flexible position with the potential of full-time income.  How much or how little you work it is entirely up to you; after all, it’s your own business! Free to join! Earn a minimum of 20% commission.


Nu Skin has demonstrated a distinctively different approach to business. It began with an innovative concept of premium quality products and a uniquely compelling global business opportunity. Combined with the immovable commitment of the distributor leaders, this exceptional business model has shaped the company into a more than one billion dollar enterprise that still remains true to its core values. Today, Nu Skin is differentiated by its ability to demonstrate that they truly have the best people, product, culture, and opportunity in the direct sales, skin care, and wellness industries. As the premier anti-aging company, Nu Skin sets the standard. Discover the best you through our opportunity. At Nu Skin, professional distributor leaders thrive as they inspire and empower others.  

Sass N Frass

We pay our reps 30% of their sales made. You can have parties online or in homes. We never limit where you can sell.The sky is the limit with us! You are paid 30% on every sale you make  You will earn 5% from sales on your first downlines You will earn 3% from sales on your second tiered downlines. We pay you via paypal weekly on sales if you do not have paypal you can sign up an acct with them very easily by going to *There are absolutely no refunds whatsoever on your becoming a rep fees* You are required to log into your back office once every 30 days to remain active. There are no website fees or quotas to be made to stay active. You can rep for any other company you wish to! We have a low quota to meet only on downline pay this does not affect your personal sales ever and you don't have to do it. $25 is the low downline quota to make to be paid this ensures good uplines with our company . This is only for sales your downlines make. Your sales are always paid weekly via paypal if over $5 with no quota to ever make!

Sedalia Designs

Sedalia Designs was founded by Artisan Marcy Schoenborn 10 years ago when she moved to Sedalia Colorado. Having 35 years experience in the jewelry business and various types of marketing Marcy has designed a business plan set up to help others in many ways. Every purchase contributes to the companies donations to charity and now a system has been devised to start your own Sedalia Designs virtual  jewelry business absolutely free of charge! Plus the more sales people we have the more people we can then hire to make designs. Let's create some jobs!!

Soy L Scents

Featuring beautiful candles with rings or money! Get 25% commission on referred orders. Earn 5, 3, and 2% on downline orders. Get a 35% discount on personal orders. Commission is paid DAILY


FREE to join! Products shipped worldwide, free website, & weekly paid via company debit card in your choice of currency. Tavala was founded on the belief that all people have an innate desire to uncover their best self, to transform the arenas of life that matter most to them. Tavala was born to be a vehicle for that transformation; life, health, achievement unlimited!



Avon is one of the oldest, most reputable companies around. You are primarily selling beauty products, but they have lots of other items, too. It is super cheap to join — just $25. You also get your own free website that you can refer people to for online sales. Earn between 20 and 40 percent commission on sales.

Please keep in mind I cannot personally vouch for all of these companies. You will need to read ALL the fine print before signing up to be a consultant. There could always be “hidden” fees, so make sure you are fully aware of the all the details before you pay anything and register.
It's also a good idea to do some Googling first to see what other consultants and/or customers have to say about the company you're considering and their products.
If the company you want to join isn't affordable, keep tabs on them. Sometimes they'll offer special promotions for potential consultants so you can get started cheaper. You may also be able to find an existing rep who would be willing to sponsor you or help you earn your kit in some way, so that's another thing to think about.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Say 'Yes' to Healthy Tricks and Treats with PlateJoy

Halloween Prep with PlateJoy
Say 'Yes' to Healthy Tricks and Treats with PlateJoy
October is such a fun month. It truly starts feeling like fall, spooky decorations come out, haunted houses go up, kids in cute costumes, and just all the Halloween fun in general.
However, with all the great things that come with Halloween, there's also the processed candy and temptation to indulge that sweet tooth with unhealthy sweets. Instead, say 'YES' to healthy tricks and treats this year with good habits and a balanced diet. Sugar can cause havoc on the body; causing fatigue, weight gain, and headaches. Too much sugar can also increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. That's why it's so important to make sure you keep an eye on your sugar intake. Not to say that you shouldn't treat yourself with low-sugar snacks to satisfy those cravings. It's all about balance.
While it's easy to cut out obvious sugar-packed treats and other foods, it' good to be aware of hidden sugars in other everyday foods. For a better idea, check out the infographic below about how hidden sugars can add up fast!
With all that said, if you need help creating these healthy eating habits and understanding better choices without breaking the bank and stress - PlateJoy can help! The ultimate meal subscription plan, PlateJoy offers flexibility and tailored meal plans for your lifestyle. With each plan you will receive recipes and grocery lists that give you more control over your custom plan. Also, PlateJoy cares about the environment and doesn't pack boxes with dry ice and plastic containers like other meal subscriptions. They go beyond the food and stay green with special features like their Digital Pantry to prevent food waste.
Try out PlateJoy and learn more about their plans like Clean Eating or Paleo. With their wide range of options, finding the right plan for you should be super easy. Speaking of easy, PlateJoy's partnership with InstaCart takes things to the next level.
InstaCart is a grocery delivery service that offers same-day delivery in over 200 cities. They have thousands of products you already love at stores you already shop at. No need to find time to go to the store and figuring out what you need, PlateJoy and InstaCart have everything covered for you. Plus, you get $20 OFF your first Instacart order + FREE delivery when you sign up with PlateJoy.
So, let PlateJoy help you start making easy and healthy habits and put your focus on your amazing Halloween costume this year instead!
Simply take their personalized quiz to start your FREE Trial and Get Started Today!
Want to learn more of that PlateJoy has to offer? Find out more at

Monday, October 8, 2018

How A Child’s Breathing Problem Can Be Misdiagnosed As ADHD

They are two conditions that might seem to have nothing in common: mouth breathing and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Yet children who breathe through their mouths because of a dental issue may be easily misdiagnosed with ADHD, resulting in a lifetime of being given powerful drugs unnecessarily.

“Mouth breathing is often caused by an obstruction in the nasal airway,” says Dr. Ami Barakat, author of Perfecting Smiles, Changing Lives ( “More than half of the people diagnosed with ADHD are mouth breathers.  That is too significant a statistic to be a coincidence.”

In the United States, anxiety disorders such as ADHD are the most common mental illness, affecting 40 million adults, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Meanwhile, ADHD is the most prevalent psychiatric disorder in children in Canada, according to the Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada. Conservative estimates suggest that 5 percent of Canadian children are affected, and the number of diagnoses has risen dramatically over the decades along with the number of children being medicated.

Mouth breathing can result in a lack of oxygen saturation in the brain, Barakat says. Mouth breathers are more likely to have cerebral hypoxia or a reduced supply of oxygen to the brain. Mouth breathing children get a low quality of sleep, which affects their mood, ability to focus, and behavior at school. Barakat says this can easily be confused for ADHD.
Other impacts on children who are mouth breathers include:
  • Snoring
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Nightmares
  • Bedwetting
  • School Issues (due to lack of sleep and possible low oxygen to the brain, they may appear lazy, have troubling focusing, etc.)

“Every diagnosed case of ADHD can’t be eradicated with solving mouth breathing issues,” Dr. Barakat says. “But the parents of children who are mouth breathers and have been diagnosed with ADHD should get a second opinion from a dentist or orthodontist before accepting the ADHD label that means their children will take powerful drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall for the rest of their lives.”

About Dr. Ami Barakat
Dr. Ami Barakat , author of Perfecting Smileas, Changing Lives, is a general dentist who has trained extensively in orthodontics.  He has received several prestigious awards in recognition of his talent, achievements and passion for dentistry.  He graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry with honors and served a one year residency at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal.  

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