Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Confessions of a Cashier part 5

I got some more confessions for y'all! It seems some of you enjoy these funny yet annoying moments so go ahead and read on!

1) Shopping Carts. Please return them where you got them. Now I know sometimes we're guilty of leaving them outside. That's not what I'm referring to. I'm referring to those of you who like to just leave them randomly in the middle of an aisle for no reason. What's even better, those who leave them in front of a register. Yes in FRONT the cash register which is IN USE... when the carts area is NEXT to it and on your way out the door. How lazy can you be to push that cart? So now you're blocking other customers from the register which requires them to move it from out the way if there's a line because I can't just hop the counter and move it because you're too lazy to. If you could pull it out, you can easily put it back. Seriously.

2) Items at the register. If you had a specific item brought up for you at the register (such as something in a case or anything else), please ask for it at the register. Unless I was the one who specifically helped you get the item, I don't know you have anything. Yes, I know I'm holding an item for SOMEONE, but of course I do not know who that someone specifically is unless YOU tell me. So don't get mad at me for not ringing it up when you never mentioned you had something up there for you. Yes, I seriously had someone get upset over this situation.

3) Coupons. If you are using a coupon, whether it's a manufactures or in store coupon, please present it at the time of your purchase. If you do not point out the coupon to me, do not expect me to have it put in. So don't get mad because I didn't search the sale paper. Be prepared. Yes, I may work there, but our in store coupons change from week to week so I will never know EVERY thing we have coupons for. So be considerate. And yes, I had a customer who got mad over this. Well, you should have pointed it out that a coupon needed to be used. No, I have no problem getting a refund issued for the difference, but no attitude is needed because YOU didn't point out the discounts available to you.

Well I guess that's all the ranting I have tonight! I'm preparing for a nice little vacation with a friend of mine to Destin, FL so I'm trying not to do too much complaining!

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