Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life's most treasured moments as a mom of a toddler

...when the toddler finally takes a nap or makes it to bed! Yes, that sounds so mean but after no end of crying and whining tantrums and screaming when being told no, nothing is better than when they knock out for some rest! Then you can look at them and think awww how cute they are and wonder why you were getting a headache in the first place. Of course that's short lived within about 20-30 minutes when they wake up again and then you remember where that horrible headache originally came from.

Haha. Sophia is 2 1/2 and I'll tell ya. She is a handful. Some moments she is the most well behaved most adorable kid. The next, goodness I wonder what the heck happened! She can go from sitting peacefully watching Elmo and playing with toys to getting into tons of trouble. You can say calmly not to do something and then she will throw a fit like you're trying to kill her or something. Now is all the necessary because I told you you could not have something that does not belong to you?? Especially when you have more toys than should be allowed to have at your age??

o0o & Don't get me started on the Potty training. Now I do admit this is coming along pretty well. She'll use the potty often. Of course, it's not as often where I can quit the diapers but it's getting there. So the problem? Now she ALWAYS says she has to potty, even if she doesn't just as an excuse to go play in the bathroom. ...fitting in the tub acting like shes bathing (even though she already had a bath), scooping water out the toilet with her toys... pulling her pet turtle out her cage... playing in the sink... Or she'll pull her diaper off and then go run freely. Normal? I'm sure it is. Annoying? Very. Funny and Cute? Yea actually, until it gets old from happening 50 million times in the day.

But off I go as I enjoy the remaining nap time.


  1. I agree! My daughter looks so adorable when she's asleep and of course I love her to the ends if the earth and back.. But I'll admit, my favorite times of the day are naptime and after bedtime. Do I feel guilty? Yes. Do I look forward to making it past the toddler years? More than anything!

  2. Yes, but the problem is after the toddler years... we must worry about those teen years... then we're going to be begging for the toddler years again! haha!


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