Saturday, August 21, 2010

Confessions of a Cashier part 2 + a strange man

So here's tonight's cashiering tale...  Well not necessarily from tonight... but just things I thought of as the night went on...

1) Kids Climbing By the Register. Ok, allowing your kids to sit where I bag your items or even climb and hang over that area isn't exactly very acceptable. Sure, I usually don't say anything until it goes too far, but believe me, in my head I'm cursing you for letting your child do that! Now sure, little younger kids will wonder and get into everything no matter how hard you try. As long as I see you're putting forth an effort to prevent your child from getting into areas they shouldn't be, I'm not annoyed. I mean think about it, they could get hurt or damage something... and you wouldn't wanna pay to repair an expensive something or another that belongs to the company do you?

2) Grabbing your own receipt paper. Ok, maybe you think you're helping us, but you're not. It's quite annoying. In fact... i'm curing and hoping you get a paper cut secretly when you yank off your own receipt. Sure, if I'm paying you no mind and ignoring you, then by all means just take it and be rude. But gosh on a regular basis, I HATE IT! You see, i'm in a routine, count your change, grab your receipt and give them both to you so I know I completed my part of my job and transaction with you. If you pay with a debit card, a store receipt copy is printed along with your receipt. If you end up with MY part of the paper work, that will mess up my register. I won't be happy and my manager won't be happy. So not only is it annoying, but there's a change you could lose or rip important paper work. I'm not sure how all stores are, but I'm sore many feel the same regardless.

3) Don't interrupt me when I'm talking! Yes, I have a lot of adults who do this! I'm in the middle of a transaction when another customer decides to ask me a question. Now, I don't mind you asking me a question, but 99% of the time, I'm talking to the current customer I'm with. Can you not wait just a MINUTE?? Why should the person I'm ringing up have to get ignored for you. Now occasionally some things are important and ok to be interrupted, but MOST of the time it's something that could have waited for the transaction to have completed. I wasn't going to ignore you!

4) Bathroom Manners. So just because you're not at your home does not mean you can destroy the company bathroom. I do have to use that bathroom also! Ok, if you're a female and it's that time of the month, throw your old pads and tampons into the trash can. Not the floor. That is NASTY! I don't care if you are gross like that at home, but geez don't come into my place of business doing that. Treat it as if it is someone elses home.If you have a young child who has an accident on the floor or toilet seat (or even yourself) please let a staff member know so it can get cleaned up... not so when we need to use the bathroom we can't because your fesses is remaining and old all over the place. It's nasty. We're not going to laugh in your face, we're all human! But geez!

5) Store Sales. Alrighty, just because one store has an item on sale/clearance does not mean our location will also have it. I don't mind you asking me if it's on sale or what not. Not at all. What I do mind is when you get an attitude because we do not have the same clearance item as another location. See how things work is this: If something is not selling at one location it eventually goes on the clearance shelf. At another location the SAME item may have just came in or is selling pretty good. Therefore it is regular price. The location where the item is selling is NOT going to mark the price down to a clearance price just because it's that way at another location. I'm sorry, it just doesn't work that way.

Now for the strange man story.... This actually did happen tonight.
Ok, so this older gentleman comes in and purchases some cigars. He walks out the store. Shortly after he comes back in. He starts to tell me about this white car outside of our store, but stops because I have customers coming up. I rang up the two people but more came into my line. So since it seemed kind of important I asked if he wanted me to call a manager up. I called for a manager to come up immediately (because he was implying it was important). All I understood was something about a car and he seemed really worried. So both the male associates working came up and started talking to him then the manager was talking to him also. After they were done talking outside, they all come back in and walk around the store. I asked what was going on. So one of the associates told me that the gentleman told them that he was worried about an elderly woman he believed the car belonged to because he didn't see her... he saw her put her groceries in and a black male and was worried she may have been kid napped. He was looking all around in her car and all. Well, prior to this gentleman coming in, this elderly lady was in the store and told the associate to act like he was helping her with her bags because she was worried about the gentleman (the one I was just talking about) because he seems to be following her around! Well while I was being told about what was going on the gentleman was going around talking to these other women in the store. First it was another older woman. Which I had assumed maybe he knew just by the way he went up to talk to her. Then there were 2 younger women he was talking to who was in line checking out. Again, I assumed maybe he knew them by the way he was hanging around talking to them. Well come to find out, he didn't know any of them! CREEPY! Then right before I left he asked if I knew who the white car belonged to like if it was for an employee or a customer in the store. I said I didn't know and went about my work. But if he was suspicious of who's car it was... then asking me.... then an elderly woman was sure he was following her.... then chatting with other women he didn't even know... wow! Yea... something doesn't add up!

Your thoughts?

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