Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"More Women Are Breadwinners, So Why Are They Nervous About Finances?" It's Time to Talk Money


As America’s economic landscape continues to change, more women are considered the breadwinners of their families—in fact, nine out of 10 will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lives. So why is it that most women get nervous about making financial decisions?

According to Janet Lombardi, whose attorney-husband left her with a heap of financial distress, it’s time for women to talk money. “Too many women have been blindsided by financial infidelity,” adds Lombardi. “But financial disaster doesn’t have to hit you between the eyes before you take action. If you’re open and honest about your money, you can regain control of your savings and your life. Because that’s what money is for: to live.”

Available for interviews, Q&As, bylines, and commentary, Lombardi can discuss:
  • Crawling from the wreckage: The seven key steps to financial reform
  • Her personal story of survival—how she was able to recover and rebuild from a financial fall from grace
  • How incarceration can impact a family—before and after the prison sentence
  • When it’s time to acknowledge that your money has gotten out of hand—or that you’ve been relying on someone else to solve it.

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