Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Unique Way to Teach Kids

By Sarah Bennett 

Teaching kids today seems to be more of a challenge than ever. It is difficult to get them interested in the subjects being taught and it is even more difficult to get them to do their homework. When they don’t do their homework they just don’t learn what they need to. With this is mind, educators have come up with some unique ideas to teach kids and to get them excited about learning. Whether tutoring one child or teaching an entire class there are some unique things a teacher can use to get the kids’ juices flowing as far as education is concerned.

One such device to use to teach kids is the game of Jeopardy. Although Jeopardy’s original role, and primary role at that, is to entertain, it works wonders when you adapt this game to almost any subject you want in order to teach kids. For example, the other day I was trying to teach the times tables to the kids I tutor. I found a game of Jeopardy online that had multiplication tables on it. I divided up the kids I was tutoring into teams. My goodness, you would not believe how much interest they now had in learning their times tables. They wanted to be the winning team and now it became important for them to learn them so they could win. It did not hurt giving the winning team a prize of picking a movie they could watch at the end of the lesson.

Jeopardy can be used to teach just about any course material and because of this has been recognized by both sides, educators and game makers. This has resulted in a partnership with Educational Insights and Jeopardy. Classroom Jeopardy is actually an interactive computer that allows teachers, tutors and aides to bring the familiar sights and sounds of Jeopardy to the classroom. The teacher or tutor becomes the host for the game and the students become the contestants. The students can either play the game on television or use an interactive white board. The students, if they play on a computer, can use buzzers on their computer or ones that are supplied if they use the white board.

There are standardized games for each grade that teachers may use or a teacher can create their own games using their own unique classroom material that they are teaching at the time. Both students and teachers alike have come to love this game so much as a learning tool that it has won several awards for being a unique and new teaching tool .

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