Wednesday, November 4, 2015

ACTION: Save wildlife with one simple call!

Take Action
The future of the wildlife we love may depend on the outcome of the passage of a must-pass spending bill, riddled with over a dozen policy “riders” damaging to endangered wildlife.
More than 80 proposals aimed at weakening or destroying federal wildlife protections have been introduced this year in Congress. Those proposals must not be permitted to become part of ANY final funding legislation.
Defenders and other wildlife organizations are asking every wildlife lover in America to call the White House TODAY. Demand that President Obama reject the inclusion of any riders that weaken the Endangered Species Act (ESA) on a comprehensive spending bill.
Thanks to your continued activism, we’ve been able to turn back most of the attacks on the ESA so far. But those same lethal provisions could rear their heads once again as part of a comprehensive spending bill that gets sent to the President.
We know that the vast majority of Americans support strong wildlife protections. By calling the White House, you’ll help make sure that a few well-financed extremist views can’t drown out the true voice of the people.
Please, if you love wildlife like I do, make the call right now.
Your call will make a difference.
Thank you for your passion and your continued support!

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