Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Too Many Dogs Have Nowhere to Go

Homeless Dogs Are Counting on You

You probably haven't heard of Bea, Morena or Patriot before. They're not celebrities or sports stars, they don't have reality shows or social media accounts. They're just three of the thousands of dogs who have been adopted from the ASPCA this year, and they are proof of the life-changing work that your support helps make possible each and every day. Bea, Morena and Patriot—along with countless other animals just like them—are the reason we celebrate "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month" every October. Here are their stories.

Homeless Dogs Are Counting on You Donate Now

Bea arrived at the ASPCA with a deep stab wound in her head. She received immediate treatment and spent a month recovering in our hospital, but it was clear that her emotional wounds would take even longer to heal. Fortunately, a young couple was willing to work patiently with Bea before bringing her home, and now this sweet pup spends her days chasing tennis balls, playing with other dogs and snuggling into her favorite blanket.

Homeless Dogs Are Counting on You Donate Now

Morena was purchased from a pet store and spent more than eight years with a family before being surrendered to the ASPCA. She was suffering from chronic health issues, including insulin-dependent diabetes, but the precious Shih Tzu had a lot of love to give—and she stole the heart of an ASPCA staffer who adopted her soon after. Despite her special needs, Morena loves to go for long walks with her two canine siblings, Nilla and Mattie, and take afternoon naps in her warm, cozy bed.

Homeless Dogs Are Counting on You Donate Now

Patriot was nearing nine years old when the ASPCA rescued him from heartbreaking cruelty. Although he had endured a lifetime of abuse, the sweet senior pit bull wanted nothing more than a family to call his own. After six weeks of recovery, he was adopted by a loving couple who vowed to give him the happy, safe life he had always deserved. They now call him "Love Bug" and "Cuddle Monster," among many other nicknames. He wakes them up with kisses every single morning.
Stories like these are the reason we do what we do. There are millions of homeless dogs in shelters right now just waiting for the chance to find what Bea, Morena and Patriot have found: warm laps, soft beds and loving families.

You can help us create so many more happy endings for homeless animals bymaking a gift to the ASPCA today. Please open your heart and let them know that they are not alone.

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