Friday, October 2, 2015

Sign the petition: No dog or cat meat for sale in the US!

Stop Killing Dogs & Cats For Their Meat in the USA
It is sad to think that dogs and cats would be slaughtered as a way to provide a food source for people and has been a common practice across the world. However, the Humane Society has recently reported that dogs and cats are often bred right here in the United States for the purpose of human consumption.

The Humane Society goes on to state that 44 states allow dogs to be raised and sold for meat, with only Virginia, California, Hawaii, New York, Georgia, and Michigan having laws that prevent such practices. Those particular states classify the consumption of dog meat as animal cruelty. Some laws are so unclear that it appears to be legal to sell and consume dog and cat meat. Some puppy mills allegedly sell to butchers around the country!

Help stop the practice of raising dogs and cats for meat by asking the federal government to step in. Sign and and share this petition to demand raising and and consuming household pets be considered animal cruelty.

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