Saturday, October 31, 2015

Four endangered monkeys sentenced to die in space

Save Four Endangered Monkeys From Being Forced To Die on Mars

Researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences are training four captive rhesus macaque monkeys in order to take them to Mars in what will be an attempt to colonize the Red Planet

Any living creature that goes to Mars, which has an average temperature of minus 67 Fahrenheit or minus 55 Celsius, will never be able to return to Earth because of Mar's gravity.  In other words, the four macaques being trained, who have been named Putin, Madvedev, Lavrov and Assad, cannot ever return to Earth even if they survive the Mars mission.

Obviously, monkeys cannot choose whether to say yes or no. The past practice of shooting animals into space is being paraded as a justification for kidnapping these rare, non-human primates. Let's stand united against the so-called voices of science and make it heard that Earth's creatures should not be shot into space. They belong right here on Gaia.

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