Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall in Love with Scratch Concealer!

WearMax® Scratch Concealer was developed to help people maintain their hardwood floors. You can see some details on Scratch Concealer here: This item is available from FBA to consumers.

You see, almost all pre-finished floors are coated with an Aluminum Oxide finish and when it gets scratched it shows a white line. There are tons of "scratch repair" remedies in the world, but not a single one can offer a permanent solution. This is because whatever is being applied is topical. It literally is applied on the top of the scratch, but once the floor is cleaned that topical application disappears. Sometimes those other products disappear when it dries only minutes later.

Scratch Concealer by WearMax® is made by a US based company that also produces flooring finishes. The product is focused on eliminating the white lines that are caused by the scratch and which make the scratch so visible. Best of all, because it functions like a "finish in a bottle", once it cures it is permanent. The finish cures with lighting in your house. The more light you have, the faster it cures. But never apply the product in direct sunlight because it will cure too quickly. (The bottle instructions will provide guidance on proper application.)

By using WearMax® Scratch Concealer, life becomes so much easier than the other permanent alternative which is having a board replaced. Typically a board replacement is about $250-$300 for EACH board. It doesn’t take a lot of math to realize that Scratch Concealer at less than $30.00 is a great value.

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