Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Desperate help needed for Misty Blue!

Desperate help needed for Misty Blue

**I volunteer in when I can for Spaymart, a local cat rescue that is near and dear to me. Please consider donating. The following post is from their page:

As many of you are aware, SpayMart has set up a fund know as the “Felicity Fund” specifically designed to aid indigent and homeless animals who simply have no other options.

We are desperately seeking donations to help “Misty Blue” the gray kitty seen in the attached picture.  Misty Blue was hit by a car and drug herself to the doorstep of a local veterinary clinic.  SpayMart was contacted for assistance, as she had been microchipped with a SpayMart chip.  She is extremely sweet and loving and desperately needs a chance.  Unfortunately, her injuries are significant.  She needs orthopedic surgery to repair a fractured hip.  Her diagnosis is multiple hip fractures with a subluxation of sacroiliac on the right and full luxation on the left.  Misty Blue’s name should really be “Lucky” as she is very lucky to have survived the car accident much less ending up on a vet’s doorstep and then in SpayMart’s hands.  Please don’t let her luck run out.  Unfortunately, Misty’s surgery is slated to cost $2,600, discounted to $2000 for the non -profit,  and we are aggressively seeking donations to pay for her surgery.

Won’t you please help thus precious angel?  SpayMart is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  No donation is too small.

Please mail your donations to SpayMart, P. O. Box 6493, LA  70009.  Please note in the memo portion of your check “Felicity Fund/Misty Blue”.  Our goal is to maintain money in the “Felicity Fund” account so when situations such as this arise, we will have the means to help.  If we are lucky enough to raise more money than we actually need, any additional funds will be set aside and “earmarked” strictly to help other homeless animals in similar dire situations.  In fact, we need individuals who are willing to make monthly donations to the Felicity Fund so that we can continue to help when a crisis arises.  If you prefer, you can donate through our website and make a donation with any major credit or debit card via PayPal.  If you donate via the website, please indicate this as a “Felicity Fund/Misty Blue” donation.

Misty Blue thanks you for your generosity.  Because of you she can enjoy many more years of being a happy cat.  SpayMart also thanks you for helping us help those who can’t help themselves.  Without you, we simply can’t do what we do!

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