Thursday, October 29, 2015

Demand Ringling Bros. Stop Breeding Elephants into Captivity!

Demand Ringling Bros. Stops Breeding Elephants Into Captivity

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey CEO, Kenneth Feld, revealed in a recent interview that while he will retire all of the circus' elephants, he intends to keep breeding them. Since 1995, 21 elephants have been born at the center; there's been 1 successful birth from artificial insemination. 

He doesn't call the relatively flat and treeless 200-acre Florida elephant center (where bullhooks and shackles are still used) a sanctuary, even though it should be. The Ringling CEO asserts that he plans on creating an elephant attraction, at the center or near Disney World, for tourists to visit the endangered Asian elephants.He's also breeding the elephants for scientific purposes. He has a pediatric oncologist studying why Asian elephants rarely get cancer and potentially unlocking a genetic protector that can prevent the disease in humans

Unfortunately, Feld is ignoring the overwhelming that elephants do NOT thrive -- physically, mentally or emotionally -- in captivity. Why is he breeding them for a life of misery when these majestic creatures deserve more?

Sign and share this petition demanding that Ringling Bros. CEO, Kenneth Feld, stop breeding elephants for a life of captivity. After making him a fortune, that's the least they deserve.

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