Saturday, May 3, 2014

Help Our Cat Houdini with Medical Expenses

Long story short, our cat Houdini is 11 months in age and going through some major medical expenses. Towards the end of April 2014 we noticed he just wasn't himself, brought him to the vet and basically found no answers he wasn't responding through antibiotics. We now have him at an animal hospital called MedVet where they are running a series of tests and we finally got our first break of good news last night when we went to visit him. We were expecting to say goodbye and put him down if he was in the same frail state we left him in, but were surprised to see an improvement in his body language and composure. We knew it wasn't his time and had hope. He had a blood transfusion and showed improvement. He just received a 2nd transfusion this morning and is starting to eat on his own - not a lot, but some. He is also regulating his own body temperature.
We love him dearly and only want what's best for him, but the medical expenses were unexpected and beginning to get overwhelming. We have maxed out our care credit account. We spent $1700 (I can prove), then the additional $1,000 go ahead was given this morning when we spoke to the doctor to continue the care and testing. To go forward we're looking at an estimate of $2,000-$3,000. We need the help. We adopted Houdini with the intent of him having a loving home and giving the best possible care. Please help us, help Houdini!
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