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Travel with your baby

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Do you love to travel but fear that you cannot do that after you become a parent? Fear not. You do not have to stop traveling just because you have a little baby. Here are some tips for you if you would want to bring your child with you on your journey.

First of all, you might want to wait out the first couple of months, at least not make any longer journeys. Wait until your kid is about four to six months, then it has grown a little but is still breast feeding. In that way it will always have access to an easy meal. Also at this age they won’t need as much entertainment as a ten month to a year old that needs to crawl around.

First thing you want to think about when traveling with a small child is health care. I do not recommend you to go to a country where health care are inadequate and infrastructure isn’t fully developed. You don’t want to put your baby at risk. Some countries you can go to are Thailand and Malaysia, some South African countries like Chile, Brazil and Argentina, USA, Costa Rica, Europe, Australia, Bahamas etc. To take a trek or adventure travel is of course possible but remember you will probably have to stop on the way for changing and feeding.

When flying you should book with care, some air crafts do have bassinets or baby cots beside the seat and some even lets you bring the stroller to the gate, which is awesome if the baby is asleep. If you are traveling to Asia, baby things are often rather cheap so to buy a stroller there shouldn’t be a problem, if you don’t want to bring your own.

You will have to fix some extra necessities now when you have another little person with you. Special re-hydration, nose drops, medication, vitamins etc. should be purchased before departure. Check with your local child care center if there are any vaccines that need to be taken before you booking your ticket. Also even at this young age your baby needs a passport and both parents need to be present to sign the evidence up until your child is eighteen. To get a finished passport will take up to two weeks so it needs to be done in time.  

When you are on the plane, make sure that you have a bottle of water with you and some extra food if the baby eats it. The air pressure will be hard on the baby so it will most likely start crying so you might have to be prepared for a few hard hours with painful screams.

If the baby needs water when you are on your destination, do not use the water in the crane, buy bottles, another tip is to bring a floral sprayer to cool the baby off. And also you should protect your child from the sun, baby skin is very sensitive and burning it would be painful. Some things that you might have to bring with you on your trip are a life vest and car seat since not many countries offer those things to children under five.

One smart idea is to travel along with other families and friends, that way you don’t have to take care of your kid all the time and actually have some time off.

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