Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How To Give Things Away

Designate one place in the house for storing items to donate or give away. It could be a closet or a box in the garage, but make sure the entire family knows where it is. To give things away:
  • Books - search for "donate books + name of town"
  • Career clothing - search for "donate career clothing + name of town"
  • Cellphones - collects used phones, sells them to recyclers and uses the proceeds to buy calling cards for troops
  • Cellphones - search for "donate cellphone + name of town"
  • Computers - search for "donate computer + name of town"
  • Eyeglasses - search for "donate eyeglasses + name of town"
  • Electronics - search for "donate electronics + name of town"
  • Electronics - many Best Buy stores will accept electronics for recycle
  • Furniture - Offer it on Facebook or Twitter. If you don't use social media, ask friends or your adult children to post your offer for you.
  • Household items - Goodwill or The Salvation Army
  • Household items - Freecycle

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