Friday, June 20, 2014

Do you have Pet Insurance?

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Pet insurance helps pay for your pet’s unexpected veterinary care.  

As pet parents, we want to provide our dogs and cats with the best possible care, no matter what. But when accidents and illnesses come up unexpectedly, the costs can quickly run in to the hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars.

Pet medical insurance helps you pay your unexpected veterinary bills, so if your pet has an accident or becomes ill, you’ve got help covering the costs. With Petplan on your side, you can follow your veterinarian’s recommended course of treatment knowing that your pet health insurance will help provide you with financial peace of mind. 

7888 Do you have Pet Insurance?
Everyone knows cats have minds of their own. Trouble is, they don’t have budgets of their own. Petplan pet health insurance can help you avoid any, shall we say, pet health ‘cat-astrophes.’With a Petplan cat insurance plan, you get comprehensive coverage for all accidents and illnesses – for every one of your cat’s nine lives.* From veterinary office visits and diagnostic testing to surgery and rehabilitation, with Petplan, your cats are Covered for Life*  with America’s best pet insurance. Which is especially important, since your cat couldn’t possibly accept anything less.
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As devoted pet parents, we’re committed to helping our pets put their best paw forward, no matter what. But while dogs can inherit our love for long walks and Sundays on the sofa, they’re more likely to inherit costly health conditions typical to their breed. Petplan’s simple, affordable pet health insurance plans provide full coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions for life*as standard. Not to mention total protection against any unforeseen accidents. With Petplan on your side, the whole family can stay healthy, wealthy and wise. No wonder we’re America’s favorite pet insurance!
10092 Do you have Pet Insurance?

From nose to tail, our lifelong protection empowers pet parents to get their dogs and cats the treatment they deserve. All Petplan animal health insurance policies include coverage for:
  • - illnesses and injuries 
  • - hereditary and chronic conditions
  • - veterinary exam fees
  • - prescription medications
  • - diagnostic treatments and imaging
  • - cancer treatments
  • - alternative therapies
  • - and more! 

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