Friday, February 10, 2012

3D tv

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

My grandson came home from school the other day and asked me if we could have a 3D tv! Do those things seriously exist all ready? He says they do, and that he wants one for his birthday. My goodness! I can remember when color television came out, and now they have 3D tv! What is this, the Jetsons? We use directv philadelphia and I hadn’t heard of no 3 D television. That is just nuts. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I’d even like the thing! We went to a movie once where you had to wear those crazy glasses to make things 3D, like the bubbles floating in front of your face and all, and I swear, I thought I was going topuke the whole time. I tell you what, if we get one of them things in this house, it is going down in the basement. My grandson and all of his buddies can go on down there if they want to watch it. I’m sticking to the normal tv.

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