Thursday, September 29, 2011

Army wife

This guest post from Doris Dillon

I should have known that the fact that I’m an army wife sends up a red flag in job interviews. Apparently companies do not want to hire military spouses because they know that they will not be around forever due to military moves. I have been looking for a job near my husband’s army base for two months. I do not know how long he will be stationed here, but I had hoped to contribute financially to our marriage while we are here. Since the odds of finding a job here are not looking good, I have decided to find ways for us to save money. I went to, where I learned that we could save money on our energy bill. I have also figured out how to use a cash budget so we won’t be using credit or debit cards to freely spend money. I am trying to use coupons for groceries, but I’m finding that very time consuming. We have been trying to eat out less because it is so much cheaper to eat at home. Hopefully we can save enough money to survive while we are here and I can find a job at the next base.

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