Friday, August 5, 2011

Zenni Optical

If you're like me, you don't have perfect vision meaning you need to wear glasses or contacts. Of course, we all know how expensive that can. One pair of glasses at my local eye doctor is no less then at least $75 and on my income, that can cut a big hole in my budget. So I wanted to pass along some information that may be of use to some of y'all.

I came across a site called Zenni Optical who is an online retailer for prescription glasses. They have a large variety of glasses to choose from. Tons of colors, shapes, men's, women's, children's glasses, etc. The reason I have to pass them along to you is because they have such great prices on the glasses they offer. You can find some great glasses starting at just $6.95. No, that is not a typo. It is six DOLLARS and ninety five cents. So you did read correctly!

Their web site is so easy and clean to navigate around. On the left sidebar is where their links are to search. Everything is in categories to make things easier also. Such as, you can search for glasses by their shape if you want, style or even within a certain price range. All their glasses, including their $6.95 pair, include free anti scratch coating, free UV protection, free protective case and a free microfiber cleaning cloth. The best part, not only can you find low cost quality glasses, but the shipping rates are cheap as well. For your entire order, it's just $4.95 in the US and international shipping is just $9.95. Great prices plus great shipping rates. This is definitely a great alternative to that "low cost" of $75 at the local shop! Start shopping now for some affordable prescription eyeglasses!

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