Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Falling into the drama of this season's True Blood

Guest post written by May Parker

I've never been a person that thought that I really liked a lot of drama, but I think that's the case just in real life. However, I love to watch all kinds of dramatic TV shows and movies though. My most favorite though is True Blood! It definitely has it's funny little parts, but I think that anyone remotely aware of the show would argue that it's a drama. Each season I just get totally immersed on all of the vampire and relationship drama. But now this season we have the witch drama added in and that of Eric having amnesia!

I'm reading up on as many spoilers as I possibly can about all of this, too! When I was browsing through some blogs that are normally good for spoilers, I ran across the site CLEARwirelessinternet.com. Once I looked through it some I decided to sign up for that internet service for my home.

I'm really interested to see exactly how the whole Bill Eric Sookie triangle is going to work out. I think I have a good idea based on the spoilers, but knowing still doesn't compare to actually seeing it on TV!

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