Monday, June 27, 2011

Where is the Love? --Please read everyone! --even comment, something.

Here is yet another actual post, not spam. I wanted to just re-share this song "Where is the Love". It's an old song, yet it's quite meaningful and sends a very good message. Every day/night there has been a new shooting, murder, etc here in New Orleans and its a damn shame. A few weeks ago someone I had gone to elementary school was murdered in a drug deal gone bad. I don't know the situation nor had I kept in touch with that person, but it's a situation that makes it hit close to home. Tonight a local Walgeens had a man go into the store & collapse on the floor from multiple gun shot wounds he had gotten in a neighborhood not too far away. He's in stable condition and again I don't know the situation behind it.

My point is, WHY ARE THESE MURDERS AND SHOOTINGS HAPPENING?? Yes, I get angry. Yes, I agree some people need to be slapped and Yes, some people just piss me the hell off. Would I ever say they deserve to be killed? NO! Now if we're talking about someone harming you, a child, self defense, etc those are whole different situations. I'm talking about shooting someone because they owe you money or this person looked at you wrong or they hang out with certain people, dress a certain way, they're gay or whatever. STUPID REASONS!

It gets me so upset that people want to fight each other. Isn't there enough going on in this world?? Nobody said you had to love each other or even get along, but damn, have respect! Everybody different. Everybody have different views. Whether you're gay, straight, white, black, short, tall, rich, poor, ghetto, pretty, whatever --it doesn't matter! Everyone has the right to be angry or get annoyed with others. It's a part of life. But what gives you the right and say so to take another persons life? Stop and think before you act! That's somebodys mother, father, sister, brother, friend, cousin, aunt, uncle, etc. What if that was one of YOUR people?

I realize the law system is pretty damn messed up. It doesn't always help those who need it. But just stop and think... is it worth killing someone over? Is it worth taking a life? I'm not a violent person, and I don't condone fighting, but if throwing a few punches settles things, then go at it. A few bruises is better than killing.

When someone dies, it affects EVERYONE around them, not just that person. How would you like to tell that persons child (assuming they have one) "I'm killing your mommy/daddy because I didn't like them?" Should that child have to suffer too? Or how  would you like to go home and tell your family that you are a murder, from something that wasn't as serious as you made it out to be?

Things in life will piss you off, anger you, annoy you. It's normal. But find ways to deal with it. You don't want to lose your life by having to sit in jail or running from the law. And the other person who upset you most likely doesn't deserve to lose their life over it. People will screw you over in money. And the economy especially sucks and it sucks more when you are already struggling financially. Be pissed at the person. Bring them to court. But don't go killing them. It'll only make things worse for you and I'm sure that's not how you really want to live your life.

It's just so upsetting to have to hear about these things all the time. I doubt me making my rant and post will make any difference, but if it makes even just ONE person think twice before acting, then I'll be grateful for that.

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