Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Children, Cars & the Summer Heat

First off, I know I don't write too many meaningful articles so this is something that's just getting to me I have to get out. Mostly there's sponsored ads to help bring in basically gas money and thank you to everyone who still supports this blog regardless. Many of you know my main focus is my freebies & giveaways blog Closet of Free Samples. Well with all these news reports of children left in the heat and the whole Casey Anthony trial going on, it just has me so mad about it that I just had to post something!

Last night I learned that locally in my area a godmother of a 3 year old little boy was supposed to be bringing him to straight to school/day care whatever. Instead,the godmother ended up going to her mothers house, where the child was left in the car, not in a car seat, windows up and doors locked and was left in there for 8 hours before the godmothers sister discovered the dead child. The godmother claims it was an accident and she forgot about the child. Now what I don't get is 1) HOW on EARTH do you FORGET a child???? I can understand forgetting where you're going or forgetting to pick stuff up, but this is a child! 2) If you're supposed to be bringing the child to school, why did you stop at your mothers house before hand and what were you doing there for EIGHT hours?? 3) Why was this toddler NOT in a car seat? These things just don't add up. Now Seriously, are parents THAT lazy that they don't want to take their child out the car? Even if it's for 2 minutes, TAKE YOUR CHILD OUT THE CAR!!

Do people not realize that your car gets hotter on the inside than the actual temperature outside? The sun heats up the components which only amplifys the heat inside the vehicle. In fact, WDSU showed a chart. We're in the 90's temperature range here in New Orleans and if the child was in the car for between 1-2 hours today, the temperature in the car after 1-2 hours would have been about 149 degrees. Oven temperatures. After about 10 minutes in the car, the temperature has gone up by about 15 degrees. So if it's 90 degrees outside, add 15 degrees to that making it 105 degrees inside the car after just 10 MINUTES. So next time you even just run in the store to buy cigarettes, take your child out the car! You never know if there's a line. Not to mention if it's not the heat, there's crazy people these days who don't mind taking and harming kids. I know I'm going on and on about this, but this is just upsetting stuff than can be easily prevented. Accidents will happen, leaving your child in the car to over heat or even worse, die, is NOT an accident. You don't "forget" you have a child.

The other thing that was just irking my nerves with Casey Anthony. In all honestly, I think she had something to do with her daughters death and that's just from hearing the 911 call that HER MOTHER (the grandmother to the child) made. Who waits 31 days before mentioning their child is missing? Then she claimed she knew the babysitter had her but was hesitant to share information with the responding police officer. Then on top of that, when she got on the same 911 call from when her mother called, she had an attitude. An attitude that reminded me of a teenager who's annoyed with their parents and have that "whatever" sort of attitude. Let me say this. If I had someone watching my child and my child wasn't home when I arrived or not back by the set time, I would be calling the babysitter. After no response within an hour (which is reasonable depending on what's going on) or no response within 10 minutes if I weren't aware of them being anywhere, I'm calling the cops. I can also tell you, I won't be calm. I would be emotional, crying, scared, angry, the whole mix of everything. I would be giving every detail I could and have everyone alerted and doing whatever I could to get my child back. So why would anyone wait so LONG to make a report IF they are innocent? Not to mention her lies.

There's just so many horrible things happening with innocent children dying and it's a damn shame! Yes, Sophia can really work that last nerve of mine, but at the end of the day no one dare better lay a finger on her or harm her. At the end of the day I'm not leaving her beaten, bruised or locked up in a vehicle. If you don't want your child, there is always someone else who is willing to PAY you to have that baby! It's called adoption. But innocent children don't deserve to die like this. I may be young at 23 and have a lot of learning to do in this world, but this is one thing that needs to be addressed. We all need to come together to put this to an end.

There have been six deaths of children in hot vehicles in 2011. In 2010 there were at least forty-nine deaths of children due to hyperthermia (heat stroke) from being in hot vehicles.  In the previous year (2009) there were a total of at least 33 such fatalities in the United States due to hyperthermia after they were left in hot cars, trucks, vans and SUV's.  Since 1998 there have been at least a total of 500 of these needless tragedies.  This study shows that these incidents can occur on days with relatively mild (i.e., ~ 70 degrees F) temperatures and that vehicles can reach life-threatening temperatures very rapidly.  
  • Total number of U.S. hyperthermia deaths of children left in cars, 2011:  6
  • Total number of U.S. hyperthermia deaths of children left in cars, 2010:  49
  • Total number of U.S. hyperthermia deaths of children left in cars, 1998-2010:  500
  • Average number of U.S. child hyperthermia fatalities per year since 1998: 38
  • See Monthly Statistics
  • Circumstances
    • An examination of media reports about the 494 child vehicular hyperthermia deaths for an thirteen year period (1998 through 2010) shows the following circumstances:
      • 51% - child "forgotten" by caregiver (253 Children)
      • 30% - child playing in unattended vehicle (150)
      • 17% - child intentionally left in vehicle by adult  (86)
      • 1% - circumstances unknown (5)


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