Sunday, May 22, 2011

Identity Theft Protection

Recently a friend had passed along some information that she had recently read in her email news feed. It was a new way of thieves stealing identities. Rather than the old fashioned stealing credit cards and current social security numbers, they now go after social security numbers of your children. Why? Because honestly, who thinks to check their child's credit score? If they are just an infant or baby, they cannot get a credit card. So you would think that their credit is safe and sound until they reach of age to destroy it themselves.

IdentityHawk offers some great solutions for identity theft protection. Their program offers tools to help you to quickly detect if someone is trying to use your identity, as well as help you defend your identity. With so many scams out there from email scams to scams where you can just click a link and send all your information to a scam artist, I believe it is important to have a program like this to help keep yourself protected. With information monitoring and immediate alerts, IdentityHawk is an excellent source to keep your life, your own. Don't let someone enjoy the life your built for yourself. Take charge today with IdentityHawk!

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