Friday, May 13, 2011

A green princess bedroom for my daughter

Guest post written by Kelly Hinton

When I told my little princess that we were going to redecorate her room for her, she of course told me that she wanted her room to look like a princess's in a castle. I wasn't that surprised by it and though that actually might be really fun. So I'm in the midst of planning all of the decor for her room.

I want to be green when I redecorate her room, so I went online to get some ideas about how I could do that easily. While I was online trying to get some ideas for that, I found some stuff about energy savings plans, decided to check it out and ordered one of them for our household. I thought that would be one small green step I could make.

For her room, I'm going to try and repurpose some stuff that we have around the house. I got the idea to make a big crown and hang it up on the wall above her dresser. I'm covering it with this yellow sheet left over form our old guest bedroom's bedding and repurposing a few other things from around our house for it.

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