Friday, March 11, 2011

Back to School?

Guest post written by Charles Schmidt

Out of all the times in my life, it doesn't seem like this one would be the best to go back to school and earn another degree. After all, I have children, a very involved career and a plenty of issues back at home. I've been doing plenty of work around house, and frequently visited the sears butcher block islands location to assist me. Despite all my work and everything that I have going on, I feel as though now is the best time to go back to school. The key to my success is going to have to be successful time management.
Going to school is a giant commitment, but I am not getting and younger. It seems like every year, life gets even more involved. I feel as though I need to seize the opportunity while I can. In the long run, I think an advanced degree would really benefit my family and me. My life is going to be pretty hectic, but I feel confident that I can handle everything that is going to be on my plate.

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