Monday, February 14, 2011

Toddler Childcare

Q: Are au pairs and nannies the same?
A: No. Au pairs are foreign nationals who visit the United States and live with an American family for up to a year. In exchange more
Q: Are home daycares licensed and regulated?
A: Each state handles home daycares differently. Some states require providers to be licensed (which means they've been more
Q: Do most daycare centers provide diapers and lunches?
A: Some do, but most don't. Some centers provide both, some only one or the other, and many include neither. If a center does, more
Q: Does it matter if my nanny is a legal U.S. resident?
A: It matters to the government. By law, you are required to check whether your nanny is eligible to work in the United States. more
Q: How do I know if a home daycare provider has been cited for problems?
A: If a home daycare provider is licensed, you can call your state licensing agency and ask whether any complaints have been more
Q: I feel guilty about having someone else care for my child. Is that wrong?
A: What you're feeling is normal. Guilt often engulfs parents when they surrender childcare duties to another caretaker, whether more
Q: I hear that kids in daycare get sick a lot. Can I do anything to prevent this?
A: Kids do pass infections to each other easily in a group setting such as daycare, particularly during the winter months. You more
Q: I think my parents are getting too old to care for my son. Should I look for new childcare?
A: If you're concerned enough to consider finding other care, you're probably right to start looking around for another solution .read more
Q: I'm worried my co-workers may resent me for leaving early to pick up my child.
A: Unfortunately, you can't control what other people think. But you can control your own behavior. Make sure people know that more
Q: Is it okay to pay a home daycare provider under the table?
A: No. Although you might be tempted to avoid the tax-related paperwork required when you decide to hire a home daycare provider, more

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