Monday, February 14, 2011

How is the new My Child ID™ different from the Child ID Kit 1.0?

The My Child ID™ has been completely redesigned to be law enforcement-friendly by paralleling NCIC suspect, victim and vehicle descriptors for ease of data transfer when time is critical. Storage for more children, more pictures and more information has been greatly expanded.  Aesthetically the device has been changed.   The My Child ID™ is an evolution from a standard USB drive to a USB drive housed in the My Child ID™, a palm-sized device  with a  1.4” LCD screen to display both data and photos.

The My Child ID™ features online back-up, software updates and Private Alerting, and the My Child ID™ is the only child identification device that is multi-platform compatible, working with Windows, Mac and Linux operation systems.

Additionally, My Child ID™ is the only child identification device that integrates with the Law Enforcement Alerting Portal, or L.E.A.P., which can potentially reduce response times from hours to minutes as information can be instantly retrieved and disseminated in the event of an emergency.

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