Monday, January 3, 2011

How to Spot a Loser? Are You With One Of Them?

“Love is blind.” This is a common slogan for all those who are actually in love and others who think they are in love. But, are you in love with somebody who is worthy enough for your feelings? If not, spot the loser and leave him immediately before anything serious happens. The case of Rihhana, the pop diva, is one big example of being in a failed relationship with a loser in the name of so called “love”. Losers are simply everywhere, and you too, who have no ego of their own and so fail to take the big step of calling off the relationship. Let us discuss the demerits of sticking around with a loser and the psychological reason for doing the same.

How to spot a loser? And what are you doing in between the mess?

A loser is anybody who just lavishes you with compliments and “I love you” statements, but dreads the C word i.e. the word of commitment. A loser is one who simply either forgets your gift in the house on each special occasion or else has donated the cash for some “noble” cause and so couldn’t buy you the gift. A loser is one who takes you to restaurant and makes you pay the bill, fill the gas of the truck and comes to your place each time for a “little hangout”. He is one who never takes you to his home to meet his mates and is simply busy for days to even call you back until “he” finds it convenient. He eyes for other girls in your vicinity even on a date. He uses derogatory languages for women and seems to enjoy the statements.

The question arises now that, why are you sticking around with this nonsense personality after all? Why are you already bearing so many heartaches and still fearing your freedom? There are women like you who have no self respect of their own and so keep on accepting their own insults through their looser boyfriends. Or, they may have seen their mothers accepting and tolerating their looser fathers in the name of marriage and society bonds. Don’t accept his physical and mental abuses because the moment he eyes other blond he is more than sure to leave you and move on forever. Don’t make a fool of yourself into thinking that he cares for you, as he does not, both in and off the relationship. He is simply using you for sexual favours. So, stop making complete fun of yourself in front of your boyfriend and his friends. Beware this guy and his friends are in ill motivation against you. Protect yourself, your reputation and your heart with all your might and leave this nonsense guy for once and ever. Don’t take him back no matter what he says. Be stern and bring back your happiness in life, today!

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