Monday, January 3, 2011

Angels 4 Mommies Baby Planning

Angels 4 Mommies Baby Planning helps today’s busy parents-to-be prepare for the arrival of their babies.  Our services include helping parents create their own support village, discussing birth and pain management options, providing information on the latest baby products, arranging 24/7 care after baby arrives,  and providing referrals for midwives/doula and other concierge services.  We do as much or as little as the parents’ request.

There is an overwhelming array of products and services for expectant parents to wade through.  Angels 4 Mommies Baby Planning helps parents assess what products and services fit their lifestyle.  Then we implement a personalized baby prep plan to make sure everything is in place and ready for the new baby.  

We also offer expertise on green baby products.

Angels 4 Mommies Baby Planning aims to make baby planning as stress free and convenient as possible. Whether you are a professional parent with a demanding career, mom-to-be of multiples, single parent, mom on bed rest, or parent who just wants a guiding hand on your journey through parenthood,  Angels 4 Mommies Baby Planning is right there for you.

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