Thursday, December 2, 2010

Special Memories

Guest post written by Bob Finley

On Thanksgiving Day, my family got a chance to get together and watch the Thanksgiving Parade before we started our big feast. Households all over the country watch the parade, but it really hits home with us because we used to live in New York City. It's really different seeing the parade after you've seen it in person.
While listening to sounds of the parade with my Miracle Ear hearing aids is just fine, I can still remember when I heard and saw all the excitement in person something you never forget!

My kids are all grown up now, but many years ago my wife and I took them to see their favorite cartoon characters in balloon form. They were also thrilled for the music and the celebrity sightings. Seeing the parade in person back then was a special moment for our family, so watching it on television years later has become kind of a ritual for us. I have grandchildren now, and they are starting to watch it. Maybe my son will get a chance to take them there for a special experience.

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