Friday, December 3, 2010

Festive down to the details

Guest post written by Lilith Clark

Even though the best part about a dinner party is the food, of course, I think that it also makes it that much more enjoyable when you have some great things to look at on the dinner table. That's why I feel like a table is naked if it doesn't have place cards and a centerpiece and other things like that.

So I thought that now I could start planning how I'm going to set up the table for dinner, or start collecting stuff for the decorations while I had the time now. I was online trying to get some inspiration for that when I saw some stuff about a satellite internet company and read through all of it. After that, I chose to click and sign up for the service.

I found this idea for these really festive place cards that I thought were really adorable. So I'm going to try and use my printer to recreate the design and print them off as place cards for our Christmas feast.

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