Friday, December 31, 2010

DIY crayon stocking stuffers

Guest post written by Brittany Lamb

My son colors more than I think that any kid ever. But he's really good at coloring and drawing, so I encourage him with a steady supply of coloring books, paper, crayons and markers. When I thought about what I could get him for Christmas that had to do with that, I thought that maybe I could make some crayons out of some of the old crayons scraps that he leaves everywhere in the house.

I had seen the directions to do that on some mommy blog not too long ago, so I went online with our CLEAR BUNDLE to find it again. On there it suggested going and buying some candy molds that would interest your child.

So before I made his DIY crayon stocking stuffers I went out and believe it or not, I found some candy molds that were shaped like bugs! I knew that he would love that. So I'm using those for the DIY crayons and I think he's going think they're really great. I just might have to do that more often with some of his crayon scraps.

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