Monday, December 13, 2010

Confessions of a Cashier part 10

It's that time again. I haven't written any confessions in a while, so enjoy!

1) Having your clothes hanging off. Now granted if you have a child in your arms tugging at you, it's obvious this is not your fault. But I mean just straight up having your bra, not bra strap, but bra itself hanging out is pretty damn sloppy. I ignore the rollers in the hair, the pj's, the slippers, etc. We've all been lazy and had to make quick trips, but by all means, don't expose yourself! We're not on Bourbon Street or at the strip bar. There actually was a lady who came in and had on one of them over sized tank tops that seem to be made for a man. Ok, who cares what she's wearing. Well her bra was exposed through the sleeve. Like not where you just see part of it by accident, but literally the breast area is hanging out the sleeve (covered by the bra thank god!). And it's like she didn't even care she was exposing herself! Now, maybe accidentally this happened and she didn't realize it, but showing by her attitude, she was just careless. Please, no one wants to see you  exposed.

2) Cell Phones at the Register. Omg, how many times must I say this? PUT THEM DOWN OR GET OFF! It's absolutely rude! It's not as bad if you're still speaking or greeting me but geez. When you flat out ignore me... Yea, don't ask me to repeat your total to you because I won't. You shouldn't be ignoring me when you're checking out. It's not hard to say 'hold on' and put the phone down for a brief moment. And guess what? I won't go any faster. I'll only go slower. Then if you proceed to ask me anything I'll be working on the next customer who's not being rude. Remember, how you treat me is going to be how I treat you.

3) Cash Back. Look, we all need to pull money from time to time. But our particular machine only allows $40 cash back. Why are you seriously getting frustrated over the amount you get back? We are NOT a bank! I know I went over this quite a few times before as well, but people still seem to act like we're a bank. We do not keep tons of cash on hand or at the register. Also, don't be mad if I can't break your change for you. Sorry, I need my register to last, again, we're not a damn bank! If you pull out $40 and all I can give you is $20's then oh well, go else where for better change. Yes, if I have the extra change to give, I will give it, but I'm not going to give you my last few dollars to break your change. I need change for other customers too and it doesn't just magically appear in my drawer. Yes, I can get more change from the back, but there's only so much available so if I broke everyones change who requested it, the store wouldn't be able to operate. If you need change that bad, then make a purchase or go to the bank.

4) Rushing me. I know it's the holidays and you gotta get things done, but I can only go so fast. When you're rude and impatient and rushing me, I will only go slower and on purpose. That's a promise. If there's other lines open and I'm doing what I can, don't get frustrated with me. I cannot help if the man in front of you had a basket full of items. If that's the attitude you have, then you should have came up to the line sooner. Like that train of thought? Didn't think so. And if you think putting your money on the counter will make me go any faster while you're being impatient, you're wrong again. That just slows me down even more. I can't stand rudeness, especially if I've been polite to you and I will not let you push me around. Sorry, I don't care who you are, it's not happening.

Are you a cashier and want to share some of your experiences? Please feel free to do so in a comment below! As always, I love my job, but sometimes, you just have to make those rude/annoying customers known. And of course, they have rude and annoying cashiers out there as well. But this is from the cashiers point of view. Hope you enjoyed the post & had a little laugh!

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