Friday, November 12, 2010

I Love Fantasia and I'm not talking about Disney!

Author: Amado Howe

I love watching “Fantasia for Real” for free on demand on direc 4 u TV. I am glued to my television every Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. My son Johnny and I grab our favorite popcorn, quick back our feet and laugh heartily as Fantasia's brother Teeny screams and cries over the smallest incidents. One time he screamed and cried because he was unable to sell his latest CD's for more than $5.00 each. Poor Teeny! My favorite episodes consist of Fantasia performing her greatest hits. She is truly a soulful singer with such poise and charisma. I will even admit that I shed a few silent tears as she sang “Even Angels,” during her recent performance in London, England. I was so overjoyed that her studio record producers allowed her to choose the focus and direction of her video for “Bittersweet.” I am so proud of Fantasia for taking control of her life and choosing to live her life as a productive citizen in society. She is truly an inspiration for so many young and older women alike. Occasionally, I am unable to view my favorite show for free on demand on satellite TV because I have to attend meetings at the local library. Thank goodness that I have DVR so that I don't miss any episodes of my all-time favorite reality show. Now that's real!

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