Monday, November 1, 2010

How to save when planning your Thanksgiving feast

This could be a pretty tight year financially for celebrating Thanksgiving. There is no need to cancel the celebration, but you can use these tips to plan a feast that will be just as good as or better than past years.

Use coupons for sale items during double coupon days

Coupons may be the biggest money saver when planning your Thanksgiving feast. Collect coupons for at least three or four weeks to find coupons for the items you will use for your meal. So when those items go on sale use the coupons for even greater savings. To maximize your savings shop during double coupon days or at stores that double coupons all the time. You may end up getting items free!

Buy smaller turkey or ham

Do you really need such a large turkey or ham? Every year there is a ton of left over meat and there are only so many ways you can have turkey/ham. Save money by buying a smaller size this year. It will not take as long to cook and the leftovers may last only a couple days rather than weeks.

Eat out for dinner

This may seem counter-productive, but if you have a small family this option may be the best. The amount of money you spend on groceries and the time spent cooking could be cut in half by eating out. Find a coupon to cut down the cost as well. You get the benefit of having a delicious meal, no clean up afterwards, and more time spend with the family, which is what Thanksgiving is all about anyway.

Have a potluck

Plan a potluck with extended family or friends. With everyone bringing a dish, you can cut down on the cost of the meal without cutting down on the quality. You will not be responsible for footing the entire grocery bill, which is a tremendous savings.

Saving on this year’s Thanksgiving feast is possible when you use coupons and buying smaller size meats. You can also save by eating out with your small family or having a potluck with extended family or friends.

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