Saturday, November 27, 2010

Getting Things Done

Guest post written by Jeff Upton

The weekends never seem long enough. It's an amazing feeling to walk out of the office on Friday afternoon so much so that you spend the rest of Friday reveling in that feeling, and then before you know it it's already Saturday! I don't know, sometimes I wish things were a little longer. Maybe it's just because I have this seemingly never-ending list of things I'd like to eventually get to, but by the time the weekend comes I'm pretty beat and not really feeling like taking it on.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself about what I got done this weekend, though! I finally did all my laundry (which can be hard to do living in LA Laundromats aren't exactly the trendiest weekend spot!) , got to the store to do some grocery shopping and finally sprung for the sears cabinet refacing I've needed so badly for months. I'd say all in all, I was pretty productive this weekend, yeah? Kinda makes getting started in the week a little easier knowing that the last few days weren't a complete bust. But hey, here's to a very long Thanksgiving weekend!

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