Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food Assistance Programs



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**If you have any information for another state for this topic please share it & I will add it to the list under the appropriate state.


  1. I live in Colorado ,just moved here from Ga.I have been trying to get food stamps since Sept.27th and still don't have them.I have submitted ALL paperwork and need some help.I have had no income since July2010 when I applied for Soc.Sec Disability.I even emailed the government website.What can I do?

  2. First, I'd call them to check on your application. Call them or go in person, whichever is easier. Usually they make you call though. Keep calling, leaving messages every couple days til you talk to someone. Also make sure you tell them what your situation is and that it's an emergency for food. They may be able to refer you to some local food banks during the waiting period.

    Also, I updated the list and added a few places that I could come with in your area. Please let me know if any of this helps & good luck!

  3. thank you ashley.....I have called every day and left messages....they said would be a few weeks....what does an older woman do with no car,can't get to a food bank,and am disabled?I pray

  4. Your situation does make it more difficult. You may want to check around and see what public transportation is available. Maybe even call churches or your local salvation army for information to get you started. Who knows, maybe someone is able to make you a delivery?

    Also, check out this site and you can "make a wish" and have grantors be heroes and help make your wish come true. So if you need food, maybe there will be someone (some people) who will send you some non-perishables through the mail.


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