Friday, November 5, 2010

Delivery Memories

Guest post written by Graham Evans

Today I was on the computer looking up a new hearing aid on, when I caught glimpse of the UPS man making a delivery to the neighbors from the window. It’s strange, but the sight of the man immediately brought me back to when I used to work at with the UPS about 38 years ago.
This time of year was always the most difficult. Peak season spans from around November until Christmas and that never changes with the years. I can only imagine what kinds of goods that I helped bring to the good people of my town. I like to think that I helped make a lot of people happy by delivering presents from afar. I’ll never really know what I brought; I just hoped that I got to bring someone a little joy. Just like his old man, my son now works for UPS. He works doing some heavy lifting in the distribution centers, but he one day hopes to be a driver. I suppose I can help think myself and my family when I see that all too familiar brown truck ride down the lane.

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