Monday, November 8, 2010

Confessions of a Cashier part 9

Well here's another confessions post for you all to enjoy, laugh at and feel my pain all at the same time! In case you're new to this, Confessions of a Cashier is where I post my complaints that come about from being a cashier. You will also find posts of things I love about being a cashier as well. Just those things you sometimes want to scream but obviously can't. So why not share everyone else to agree, discuss or whatever! Just a little something fun! So here we go...

Complaining about Sales Tax. I'm not talking about generally complaining and having a discussion, but I mean actually trying to put it on the cashier about the cost of it! Yes, this was happening to one of my co workers as I went into work the other day. I mean don't get me wrong. I'd LOVE to have NO tax, but we sure don't control it. Neither does our boss or the owner of the store. That's something that needs to be complained to to the government. We don't randomly decide to have 9% tax one day and 20% or anything. Y'all know this, so seriously, don't blame us for the tax! And seriously, she was arguing with the cashier about this!! NOT just having a conversation. Yea, it was hard for me to believe.

Leaving baskets in front the register. Gosh I hate this!! Especially if there's a line! I mean the basket thing is RIGHT NEXT TO THE REGISTER why can you not roll it back into place rather than leaving it right there in front the register where other customers are trying to check out?? It's lazy & rude. I know i've said all this before but goodness!! It happens too often! And the people that do this are NOT elderly. They are NOT handicapped. Their hands are NOT full with kids. Just a single person too lazy to push it back!

Putting items on the counter while it's being cleaned. Yes, I seriously was in the middle of wiping off my counter after spraying the cleaner on it as we normally do between lines and such to help keep things clean. A customer came and put her items almost on top my hand as I was wiping. Nothing was there to block her vision of my cleaning. She didn't have but a few small things. Now accidents happen, but no apology? A bit rude. Then of course she had a snotty attitude while I was checking her out as well. Seriously, just lose the attitude.

Not Speaking. And my last rant for this blog... I had a lady in my line came to check out. She was on her cell phone (of course) and not speaking to me what so ever. I mean no hello or anything when I greeted her. Ok, whatever. She then starts POINTING at the cigarettes. Not saying which ones she wanted or she even wanted some. This is NOT a regular customer who's always in there either. Dude, if you want something SPEAK. I am not going to play guessing games with you. If you can't speak and I can't understand I'm going to ignore your requests. I have no problem with people who can't speak because of being handicapped or something of that nature, but ignoring me, being on the phone & pointing at things, just ain't gonna fly. It's rude and disrespectful.

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