Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bonding Time With My Kids At the County Fair

This guest post from Errol Chang

I usually try to spend time with my kids as much as possible. Now that they are getting older, it tends to do exactly that. They want to go off and do their own things majority of the time, but it is not always easy to find something they all want to do.

What better way to bond with your kids than at the county fair. My children love going and I get to spend time with them. Usually when we get there, first thing they want to do is run to the carnival. I'll admit, its not my best place to be during the fair, but indeed, I go to please my children.

After my kids ride every single ride at least four times, maybe more, we head to my favorite part of the fair. That of course is the entertaining shows. I get to sit down and enjoy a good show, while i rest my tired feet. Lastly, before leaving the county fair, we make sure and stop at the food stands. My kids love getting cotton candy and I of course get to try the delicious tacos that are sold there.

We all have a good time during the fair, and always makes me feel like we bonded. Even after the fair is over, I look forward to heading home to watch satellite tv from On any other day, my kids tend to run to their rooms, but after the fair, they sit there and watch it with me. Again, what better way to bond then taking them to the fair.

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