Monday, November 8, 2010


Andrew Blaine Compton

Born February 17, 1992 (Age: 18)
Slender build, 5'8" 125 lbs
Sandy colord hair
Brown eyes
Sometimes wears glasses
Very shy, talks little and very softly
Interests: music, cooking, desserts, pets, video games.


Last Seen late Thursday Night 10/28/2010 in Louisville, KY

In the area of Lucia Ave. between Bardstown Rd. and Baxter (Newburg) Rd.

He was wearing a grey Aeropostale hoodie sweatshirt,
a blue gray v-neck shirt with some graphic design on it,
light khaki-colored shorts, white socks up a few inches above his ankle,
and a brown belt. Only had his cell phone, wallet, and mp3 player (Zune).

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