Great hair doesn't just come from good products and genes. Try these insider tips (some of which may contradict what you've heard)   to see if they help whip your locks into shape.

 1. Head massages do more than just feel good. Take a few extra minutes to massage your scalp when shampooing. It stimulates hair follicles to open pores and clears dandruff or dirt that blocks the follicles' natural oil from creating healthy, shiny hair.

2. Too-hot hair washing can lead to dryness and frizz. If you wash your hair in lukewarm water followed by a quick rinse in cold, it will help seal ends and protect its moisture. Take care to twist it gently when towel-drying. Never rub!

3. Your stylist is NOT just trying to sell you something. Stylist commissions on salon products are never worth as much as their reputation. If you trust them to trim your tresses, why not trust their product expertise as well? If they push a product that's out of your budget, ask for a drugstore recommendation.

4. Daily shampooing is NOT always a bad idea. As much as you're cautioned not to overdo the shampoo, people with very oily hair or a rigorous fitness schedule may need to wash their hair every day. If you're worried about drying out your hair, keep the shampoo focused on your scalp and use conditioner all over your hair.

5. Dirty hair is best when styling up. If you're planning on any kind of up-do, braids, or ponytail, skip washing your hair. Hair that's a little bit oily will be easier to style and stay in place. You can always sprinkle a little dry shampoo on your bangs to prevent them from looking greasy.