Friday, October 1, 2010

TV for the Modern Family

When the homework is done and dinner is finished, who doesn't like to relax with a little tube time?
This season's TV line up is full of new and returning family shows with interesting characters and unique stories. What we like this fall offers more food for thought than the usual family fare.

And for anyone with lingering guilt about being a couch potato, a new study by the UCLA Center on the Everyday Lives of Families reports that watching TV together can actually make your family happier.
That's right. Enjoying shows as a family connects you to your kids. Plus, it makes it easier to exert your parental influence over issues brought up by the shows -- and the commercials.

The shows below are our picks for this season's winners. We like them because they represent a modern -- even kind of quirky -- view of the trials and tribulations of family life in today's world. What's your family watching this fall?

TV: The Middle

Funny look at average family is OK for older tweens and up.
Review date: 9/30/2009

TV: The Simpsons

Clever, fast-paced cartoon meant for adults.
Review date: 5/11/2004

TV: Melissa & Joey

Former child stars' sitcom has grown-up edge.
Review date: 8/17/2010

TV: No Ordinary Family

Superpowers bring family closer; fun for teens and up.
Review date: 9/28/2010

TV: Parenthood

Quality drama charts the pros, cons of family togetherness.
Review date: 3/2/2010

TV: Raising Hope

Quirky family sitcom about young dad has lots of heart.
Review date: 9/21/2010

TV: Modern Family

New take on sitcom families includes some iffy content.
Review date: 9/23/2009

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