Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to lose weight while raising kids

It is indeed very important that kids receive all the love and attention from their parents. But it is equally important that parents will continue loving themselves by allocating some time to relax and unwind, allocating some budget for beautification, and most importantly for managing their weight. This article will give you some ideas on how to lose weight while raising kids.

Time management

People spent the majority of their time in the office, thus they’d rather spent the little time left with their kids or just getting some rest than exercising. That is understandable as I am personally guilty with such as well. However, there is a way to reverse this situation and this has to do with better time management and schedule.

This is my schedule, and you may follow or modify this for yourself. This schedule allows me to do all my daily chores, work, spend time with kids, and spend time for myself.

6:30am – get - up from bed
6:30am -7:30am – take a bath and do morning routine / cook breakfast for myself and the kids/ wash dishes and other chores
7:30am – 8:00am – leave for the office or drive kids to school (most kids are picked up by the school bus)
8:00am – 5pm – work
5:00pm - 6:30pm – bring kids to park to play or spend time with kids in any way
6:30pm –7:30pm – prepare and have dinner
7:30pm – 8:30pm – home exercise
8:30pm – 9:30pm – relax
9:30pm – bedtime

Healthy Weekend

Your kids would love to spend time with you as much as you want to spend time with them. Since you have been working five days a week, why not give the weekends to the kids? Plan activities that are fun but allows you to burn some calories as well. Some great calorie burning weekend activities are swimming, hiking, biking, and playing.

These activities are sure ways to help you burn off some calories while having fun bonding with kids. In addition to that, your kids benefit from these activities too because it enhances their physical and mental development as well as avoid childhood obesity.

Control the food at home

You do the grocery and you cook the food. That means, you are in control of whether you buy healthy foods and put in low calorie ingredients on your casserole or not. Because of that, you do not have any excuse to eat high-calorie foods because you do have the option to choose better and healthier alternatives.

Try to fill in your cart with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and natural non-processed food. In doing so, you’ll be assured that you and your kids are putting only healthy foods on your plate and avoid getting obese.

Parenthood is a stage filled with fulfillment. However, when people become parents, they are overfilled with joy that they get too preoccupied with the whereabouts of their kids. Because of that, they tend to forget about taking care of themselves. This should not be the case because neglecting your health also means shortening the time to be with your kids.

Guest post by Chris. Chris writes about healthy weight loss topics. His articles can help you understand how to lose weight in a safe and natural manner.

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