Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dining Rooms Direct

How many more days until Thanksgiving? Anybody counting down? A little less than a month away! Do you have a large or small family? Where do the kids sit? Well if you have a large family and the kids have their own table (like my family actually used to do back when we were younger), then maybe you should look into the drop leaf tables.

Don't give me that crazy look! Those are the tables that have "wings" so to speak. The sides drop down so it's easy storage. Either have a small little end table or open it up to a nice decent sized table. Ah, now y'all know what I'm talking about!

Well CSN is promoting these right now offering FREE SHIPPING on quite a few of them! I know we're all looking for bargains with our busy mommy life so now is our chance to get one! Not to mention a lot of these are marked significantly lower than the list price. This may just be a sale so if I were you I'd act now! As I said, these little tables are a great idea whether it's for a small family, breakfast table, kids table, craft table, etc they're great if you have reduced space!

Who is CSN you ask? Well CSN has 200+ online stores with items varying from furniture to toys to shoes! You never know what you will find. I've ordered from them personally several times and have always been rather satisfied with my order. They have always ordered super quick and their customer service is excellent! They always respond to any questions or concerns I may have in a quick timely manner.

So what's all the fuss about? Well I'm being offered a chance to review a product off of their web site! What kind of product? Well stick around and you shall soon see! In the mean time, go check out those drop leaf tables I was telling you about! Let me know what's your favorite one!

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