Thursday, October 28, 2010

Confessions of a Cashier part 8

Yesterday was a rather good day at work. But one thing got me thinking of something to complain about from one particular customer... what's the complaint? Those customers that complain about EVERYTHING! I mean you complain about the item, you complain about the price, you complain about what comes with the item. REALLY?!?! Look, I work there, I am an employee, but I NEVER see (that I'm aware of) "Mr Walgreens" himself where I can pass along the complaints. That's why you get the survey at the end of your receipt. Go on there and complain! I don't mind when you want to mention a minor dislike sort of thing, but don't go on and on and on and on about every little thing. I try to stay in a positive mood at work and really don't need your negativeness to bring me down. It's not fair to all the pleasant customers I encounter.

Something else that really brightened my night and just made me feel amazing was a customer who is in our store frequently and is friendly with all the customers gave me $10. I didn't ask for it. In fact, I tried to refuse it and she told me to get out of her face. haha. But she's a lady who appreciates good customer service and brings in treats or does things for the employees at our store. Now i'm not saying you need to go out and do things like this. My point is, it's nice to know when someone appreciates your hard work. Just like when I try and use a coupon for an item i'm unsure of getting a discount... I had a lady thank me for at least trying and gave a smile. It felt nice. Things like that honestly make our day/night just to hear "thank you" or you're doing a "good job". Positive re-enforcements rather than negative ones are really effective, even as an adult. So if you have a compliment, please don't hesitate to let us know! Heck, even ask for our manager just to tell our manager your compliment about us. That just REALLY makes our night!

Now the other night wasn't such a great night. I had a man actually curse at me and throw his money because I asked for his ID when he purchased his cigarettes. Yes, you do come in the store often, but I do not always recognize you. Do you realize how many customers I have? I remember the ones I speak with on a daily basis or joke around with a lot. I'm not going to remember every single person. I'm sorry! Yes, after I see your ID I remember you're the older gentleman that just looks like a high school student. Trust me, I understand how it is because I'm 23 and look 14! But we do HAVE signs stating I must card under 40. I do not know your age without an ID. Rather than yelling and throwing a fit like a two year old, accept it. He literally claimed I was doing it to be a bitch and it was just him! No, I do it to everyone I am unsure of. Sorry, I'm not risking a chance of going to jail, losing my job AND having to pay fines for you. Sorry, not happening. Don't like it? Go else where! Sounds mean, but you must understand things on my end. But in all honesty, I really do think he was on drugs because this is a guy we've exchanged a couple smiles & jokes before and that night wow I really was waiting for him to come back in with a gun & shoot me!

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